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Embrace These Trends For A Modern, Chic Home

December 12, 2018

Lots of you might be keen to keep your home looking modern and contemporary. When the time comes to sell, the perceived value will be far greater and that could lead to a brilliant asking price. Even not considering the future sale, you can still gain many benefits from keeping your property looking modern. You’ll be able to impress guests, friends and family members. You might even find that modern trends make your home a better place to live. So, what type of trends are we talking about here?

Laminate Flooring

You might want to think about introducing laminate flooring into your property. It had a bad reputation once but it’s actually quite popular now to have this all over the home, rather than just in the main rooms. You can have this type of flooring in the kitchen, the living area and the bedrooms. The only real disadvantage of this flooring is that you will find it gets rather cold through the winter months. The benefits on the other hand, are astounding. Laminate flooring is easy to clean which means it is great for kids. It’s also cheap and cheerful so you can renovate the whole home on a budget. The minimal aesthetic is never out of style and thus your home will look stunning.

It’s also easy to lay down. The biggest problem is finding somewhere to put your items and furniture while you’re completing the renovation. But with companies like Henfield Storage you can arrange a cheap temporary solution to this issue and make things a lot easier.

Au Naturale

You might think that to have a home that looks modern you need to spend a fortune. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that isn’t the case. Instead, you just need to think about introducing natural decor into your home. We’re talking about plants and shrubs. These can make any property look vibrant and beautiful, as well as providing various health benefits. Plants of course remove CO2 from the air and as such purify your home for you and your family. You can add to the effect of natural plants by playing with similar shades and palettes of the forest when you are choosing furniture and accessories for your property.

Thankyou, Alexa

Finally, you may want to consider investing in some smart tech for your home. This will probably start with some form of smart control such as the Amazon Echo. This can be used to control a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices. In doing so, you can make maintaining your home far easy and fix everything with the sound of your voice.

This is also going to impact the aesthetic of your home because you can invest in smart bulbs for your property. As well as being controlled by Alexas, these can change colours. You would be amazed by how much a different glow can alter the perception of any area from your home. It’s also fantastic if you want an area of your home to feel sensual, peaceful or vibrant.


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