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Festive Toasties For Kids & My Favourite Toastie Ever [AD]

December 8, 2018

Toasties, I don’t know why but they bring back memories of my childhood. I used to love it when my Dad suggested a toastie for lunch, the question was ‘what filling’?

But, the right toastie maker, in my opinion can make or break a toastie – I mean you don’t want all your cheese spilling out do you?

As you know we are Breville brand Ambassadors and have been testing lots of their products over the last few months and I have to say the sandwich toaster was up there on the list of ‘I can’t wait to try this one’! 

Breville’s Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster looks fantastic in our kitchen, with its black gloss finish and metallic detailing, it looks great next to our other appliances. The unique natural DuraCeramic coating on the plates means that it works even better than a standard non-stick coating, the clever “cut and seal” system shapes the bread to fit the deep fill plates and cuts the sandwiches into two separate triangles, ensuring ingredients stay put. You’ll find your sandwich comes out in a perfect, all-over golden colour.

It stands upright for compact storage, which is really handy if I need to put it away but it looks so great it is something you could have on the side all the time.

If you have followed me for a while you’ll know my two can be really fussy as time so whenever I get the opportunity to make food fun, I do. I thought a great way to get the girls eating toasties (which is so nice at this time of year) would be to make them festive fun toasties… Oh and don’t worry I’ll also share my favourite ever toasties for me (the adults) with you as there is NO WAY I could get the machine out and not join them for lunch!

Festive Toasties For Kids

My festive toasties use whatever filling your little ones prefer; it could be cheese and ham, cheese, baked beans and cheese or mozzarella and tomato.

The twist here is using some festive cutters and some vegetables to decorate them. Amelie loves helping me make anything in the kitchen and I find she’s more open to trying things if she’s made them and if they’re fun!

We are going to be making gingerbread man and star toasties today – perfect for easier decorating and festive!

First you’ll need to chop whatever vegetables you’ll use for decorating. We are going to use sweetcorn to decorate the stars and carrot, tomatoes, cucumber and sweetcorn for the gingerbread men.

I do the chopping and Amelie stands on her high chair watching me (and playing with the cutters).

Once the vegetables are chopped Amelie does her quality checks (she wanted to make sure the carrot would make a good smile) and then I get her to help me grate the cheese, very carefully.

I love how much Amelie enjoys being in the kitchen with me and hope that as well as making food fun and encouraging her to eat it teaches her some good life skills early on!

Once everything is ready I let Amelie put together her toastie before taking over to put it in the Breville Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster.

The toaster is so quick, so if you’ve got a hungry little one who’s been busy helping you can get it on their plate pretty quickly!


Once the toastie is ready (and we took ours out a little earlier as Amelie likes her ‘toast’ white (don’t ask) we quickly got to the task of cutting out our toastie shapes and then decorating them…

Amelie really enjoyed this bit and I was so impressed as she touched and tried some tomato which she usually doesn’t like at all!

Amelie was so pleased with her festive toasties and she ate them all and the leftovers of the sandwich which she wouldn’t have normally eaten so I was happy!

My Favourite Ever Toasties

Now onto me. I couldn’t turn the sandwich toaster on and not join the girls for lunch…

For me my ultimate toastie filling has to be a tuna mayo (mixed with sweetcorn and peppers) with cheese and if my Dad is around he’ll join me for his traditional cheese and red onion…

Our toastie maker has been really busy now we’re into the winter months as a toastie is the perfect winter lunch warmer. What’s your favourite filling?

You can find out more about the Breville Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster here. Do you like the look of our festive toasties? Are they popular in your house?

*This is a paid collaboration with Breville as part of their ambassador program, but all words and opinions are 100% our own.

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