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Five Nap Time Self-Care Ideas For Mums [AD]

October 31, 2018

We all know how hard it can be to fit a few minutes of ‘me time’ into your day when you’re a Mama. I’ve found it hard to do since my first was born four years ago, but one of the moments I’ve found has been great to start to fit in a little self-care is nap time.

If your baby/toddler gives you an hour or so to yourself, there is lots you can get done (or not get done)! I try and have a bit of a rota in my week so I can fit in time for me, time for cleaning and time for work – that way at least in the evenings I can collapse into bed!

Here are five ideas of how you can fit some self-care into nap time throughout the week.

Light a candle and stretch

If it’s safe to do so and out of the reach of little hands I love lighting a candle and having a stretch. It can be something as simple as lifting your arms above your head or watching a Youtube video with some ideas for pilates or yoga stretches.

I find even a few minutes of doing this can really lift my mood and if my back is particularly bad from lifting a toddler lots that day it take help take some of the strain away.

Have a hot cup of coffee and read a book

We all joke that when we become Mums that there is no time for a hot cup of coffee and that can often be true when the baby is awake, but when they’re asleep, one of my favourite things to do is have that hot cup of coffee, pick up a book and try and have a few minutes sitting down!

We have been using the One-Touch Coffee House from Breville recently and it makes amazing coffee house quality drinks; think smooth lattes, frothy cappuccinos or espressos if you’re really tired!

I am a bit of a coffee snob, I admit it. I hate instant coffee (sorry), I always send back coffee’s when they aren’t made correctly and my sisters were both baristas back in the day so I know a thing or two about coffee so I was really hoping this machine would be amazing.

It has a 19-bar professional-quality pump which ensures even pressure on the coffee grounds to deliver a richer, more flavourful coffee and three thermal sensors guarantee a consistent temperature throughout the brewing process. With just one button you can quickly make these drinks giving you more time to read your book or magazine. And my verdict. A brilliantly made cappuccino at a perfect temperature and I didn’t have to do much more than fill the machine with water, milk and coffee – what more could a Mama want!

If you’re wondering how the machine works have a little look at the video I made (in nap time) of my perfect cappuccino!

Eat something yummy

I don’t know about you but I often find the days so busy I often forget to eat myself. When Evie naps I’ll always make something yummy for myself. I’ve learned over the years that a big bowl of something carby never does me any favours in the afternoon, so I’ll make something delicious but wholesome to keep me going.

Call someone and chat

In the early days my Mum was on speed dial and as much as I love social media there is nothing nicer than chatting to someone on the phone. Make time to do this at nap time a few days a week and you’ll feel so much better for talking to someone.

Have a nap

Nap when the baby naps. I used to laugh at this, but, the second time around I wish I had done this more with my first as napping when you have two is more difficult! However, napping really does help if you’re up in the night or feeling exhausted. A quick 20-minute nap can leave you more refreshed and in a better frame of mind for the night feeds. The cleaning can wait.

What are you self-care rituals on a daily basis?

Sarah x

*This is a paid for post in collaboration with Breville.*

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