Cybex LEMO Highchair Review

October 31, 2018

One of the biggest expenses with little ones is all the specific products you need for them, cots, cot beds, high chairs, prams, strollers – the list goes on.

One big item that you’ll definitely need for a child is a high chair. We made the mistake with our first daughter buying a ‘baby’ high chair, but then realising at just over one she needed more of a chair than a high chair and had to buy something else that would last her longer. So we had the expense of two items in two years. We thought there must be a better solution for parents and luckily there now is… step in the Cybex LEMO Highchair.

The new LEMO highchair (‘Lemo’ meaning ‘Less is More’) is a high chair which not only looks good, has an amazingly simple design but also grows with your child. The Cybex Lemo 4 in 1 High Chair is designed to be suitable from birth (with a specific insert) and to grow as your child grows, but just until toddler years, this chair can be used by adults (or the weight of 95kg), so if you needed an extra chair for a dinner party you could simply adjust the height and use it for a grown up!

I was immediately drawn to this highchair for it’s looks, at our table it doesn’t look out of place with our modern white chairs and in six different colours you could mix and match for siblings.

It doesn’t just look pretty, the design is also outstanding, everything on the High Chair can be adjusted using one hand, including the footrest height and the height and depth of the seat. It’s also really easy to put together, we got it up in just a few minutes ready for dinner.

We are loving using this high chair, Evie sits really well in it, she’s happy and content at the table and I think it looks great (which is good as it’ll be with us for a while). I just wish I had found it sooner for our first!

Sarah x

*We were gifted the LEMO highchair after attending the launch a few months, we were not asked to write this review or financially compensated*

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