Tommy’s Peppa Pig ‘Danceathon’

October 18, 2018

Evie loves dancing and I am so excited that she’ll be starting ballet classes after half term just like her sister did when she was her age. We are proud to be supporting the Tommy’s Peppa Pig themed Danceathon happening in babyballet classes across the UK this week.

What is ‘Danceathon’?

Babies and toddlers from babyballet classes all over the UK will be galloping, jumping and boogying with Peppa Pig during their weekly classes this week to raise money for baby charity Tommy’s as they take part in the ‘Danceathon’ fundraiser. Boys and girls aged 6 months to 6 years will be sponsored to complete five challenges in a Peppa Pig themed dance lesson.

Little ones wearing their tutus, like Evie here, will go on an imaginary journey with Princess Peppa from their classroom to a fun-filled tea party. Babyballet are hoping to raise £500,000 to help fund vital research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

We were really excited to receive a fantastic hamper full of Peppa Pig goodies, with a Peppa Pig Danceathon DVD, a TY Peppa Pig Ballerina Beanie, a Trends UK Peppa’s Sing & Learn Microphone , a Peppa Pig Mask and of course the Babyballet Tutu. The tutu and class information can all be found on the Babyballet website.

If you know a little one taking part in a ‘Danceathon’, be sure to sponsor them so Tommy’s can reach their fundraising target of £500,000. If you don’t know anyone taking part, don’t worry, you can donate directly to the cause here 

Do you have a little one who loves ballet?

Sarah x

*We were kindly sent the gifts in exchange for a post on the Danceathon*

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