Fireman Sam: Set For Action!, The Premiere [AD]

October 13, 2018

This morning, two very excited little girls boarded a train to London to go and meet Fireman Sam and watch his new film, Fireman Sam: Set For Action! at the Soho Hotel.

We decided to go on a walk from Waterloo to the venue and the girls love taking in all of the London sights, especially the red buses.

Amelie was particularly excited about our day meeting Fireman Sam as she has been learning about firefighters at school this week and even went in a fire engine, so watching Fireman Sam’s new film at this event was perfectly timed!

When we arrived at the venue the girls were immediately given their very own Fireman Sam helmet and we set off to discover what the team had planned for the little ones.

Inside we found a large room with lots of party food on Fireman Sam plates, a colouring-in station, dressing up areas, a little play area complete with Fireman Sam toys, a green screen for little ones to make their own movie and a room ready for us to have our picture taken with Fireman Sam. There was so much for them to do, it was amazing!

Once we’d had lots of fun at the party we went into our very own private cinema to watch Fireman Sam: Set For Action!

We all loved the film, at an hour long it was the perfect length for the girls to get into the storyline and enjoy it, but not too long for a four and three-year-olds attention spans.

The film follows Fireman Sam’s adventure as he is scouted by a Hollywood film studio due to a heroic rescue we saw at the start of the film. He’s paired with a movie star who after a bad review is desperate to have a hit film, whatever it takes. We follow the journey of the film being filmed and it’s not an easy ride for Fireman Sam.

The storyline had lots of funny, laugh out loud moments for the parents, so it was enjoyable for my sister and I as well and Amelie’s review of the film at the end was ‘I loved it’, so everyone was happy!


Fireman Sam: Set For Action! will air on Cartoonito at 8am on the 22nd October 2018 and will be repeated throughout the week. It’ll be the perfect film for half term as if your little ones are anything like Amelie they are shattered and ready for a few days rest!

A big thanks for Fireman Sam for inviting us today, the girls had a wonderful time!

Sarah x

*We were invited to Fireman Sam today and were asked to write this review*

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