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Trying To Find My Style Again After Two Children 

October 1, 2018

I’m not sure if I’m alone here but I have definitely felt over the last four or so years I’ve lost ‘my’ style. From the moment I put on maternity clothes my style changed. Add in two children, nearly two years (combined) of breastfeeding and the clothes needed to do that, I lost the style and the drive, I suppose, to look like the old me.

Now, clothes aren’t everything, but for me, for someone that has really struggled throughout life with confidence issues the moment I have my hair done or put on a new outfit that actually suits my figure I feel better about myself. There is something really good about an outfit that fits perfectly and one that will stand the test of time.

I don’t always get it right. Sometimes I look at a buy and think, ‘actually I’m not going to wear this loads’ or I wear it once and it hides in the back of the wardrobe for forever more, but I’m learning. I’m learning again four years on what makes a good capsule wardrobe, what suits my new figure (I’m definitely not a size 12 anymore) and what kind of things I love.

I am also really conscious of what I spend on clothes, I tend to invest in things like coats or shoes as I know good quality ones will last more than one season, but things like summer dresses I’ll spend less on and buy a couple of key ones I know I’ll wear over and over.

I have to say that Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration for me, one of my good Insta pals turned real-life pals Romeca started her hashtag #whatmamaworemonday about a year ago and I do think that was the start of me really thinking more about how I want to look now. Instagram can get a bad press, lots say it makes them feel bad that they can’t afford the clothes fashion bloggers all have, but for me, Instagram is my own magazine. In the good old days when I bought Look magazine or picked up Stylist, there was no way I could afford lots of the clothes but I didn’t let it get me down or complain, I shopped around, looked for alternatives and used it as an inspiration board. This is exactly what I do with Instagram now and I have lots of lovely Mummy fashion blogger on my follows list to inspire me!

I thought I would share some of the key pieces in my wardrobe and how I pull this together to feel a little bit more like the ‘old me’. I hope for some of you this is useful.

Trying To Find My Style Again After Two Children 

A good ‘dress up, dress down’ dress

I loved these dresses that Marks and Spencer brought out this Summer. They are perfect for a curvier figure with a lovely pulled in waist and for me sleeves which means they move into Autumn perfectly. I’ve also been wearing this cream one with a cream jumper over the top on colder days.

I am a big fan of dresses and you’ll often see me in one over trousers. I personally feel much more comfortable in them. I love anything that pulls in at the waist and is a midi length, these are a key part of my wardrobe and I’ll either dress up with heels or dress down with leggings, trainers or a jumper.

A pinafore

I found my first pinafore in the Spring, this denim one from New Look.

I went back into New Look this week and found a gorgeous black cord pinafore. I love this for either dressing down with a simple top and tights for a school run daytime look or adding a lace top and ankle boots for the evening. This will be something you live in!

A good pair of jeans

There is just something about a good pair of jeans. My favourite ones are from Oasis, but I have also had really good pairs from ASOS and New Look. I need a new pair for Autumn as crawling and sitting on the floor with children isn’t great for the knees on jeans so I am on the hunt as we speak!

A good quality coat

I do think it’s worth spending a little more bit on coats if you can. I am a little crafty and try and get around the expensive price tag by buying coats that are classic and will last another season in the sales.

This Marks & Spencer rain mac will be perfect for Autumn rainy days and was in the sale recently for £37.

This pink coat was a sale purchase last season and I won’t be buying another one this season as I am hoping this will stand the test of time and last for this Winter. It’s a classic coat and something I can wear with anything.

Statement Skirts

I am a big dress fan, but recently have also found lots of gorgeous statement skirts. I love this Marks & Spencer skirt, it’s perfect with a jumper and will be fab dressed up with tights and boots as well.


Find your colours

When I was younger I went to see someone who specialised in telling you the colours that suit you, your hair colour and skin tone. I knew from that session even now that creams and pinks rather than blacks and whites look better on me. I might wear something black but I’ll team it with a cream cardigan for example. It’s really interesting to really look at colours on you, some really wash me out and others look so much better.

Did you feel you lost your style when you had children? What are the key pieces in your wardrobe?

Sarah x

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