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Holidays With Extended Family #1 Italy

September 6, 2018

Taking holidays with your extended family is something I am seeing more and more people do. Perhaps it’s the stage of life we’re in, but there’s no denying that more families are choosing to spend their holiday time together.

We’ve been holidaying with my parents for the last couple of years in Cornwall for a mini-break in the Spring and my husbands family in the Autumn and we love what it brings us; quality time for the little ones with Grandparents, babysitting, time with my parents and lots of shared memories.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be compiling a list of what I think are some of the best ways to holiday as an extended family. You’ll find UK trips, villa holidays and a few other options I am exploring for our family.

First in the series is villa holidays and I asked Jo, owner of Bookings For You to give me her recommendations on where to travel and whether they see families travel as extended families and what they should be looking for.

As a business, Bookings For You are seeing a massive growth in the number of extended families travelling together. With lives seeming to become increasingly hectic day to day, and with families living further and further apart, it feels more important than ever to enjoy that quality time together on holiday. It’s a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy the company of grandparents and, on a selfish basis for parents, it’s also great to have those extra helping hands and some extra pairs of eyes from the grandparents during the holiday too! It’s often also a more economical way to holiday. Pooling the holiday piggy banks can mean families can get much more for their money.

We think that the key thing to a successful multigenerational holiday is finding a location that suits everyone, from the youngest to the oldest member of the group. Whilst we may be biased, we genuinely think Italy is a great option wherever in the country you choose to visit. It’s a very family friendly country… children are welcomed everywhere but it’s a country that has such diverse appeal. For food lovers in the family, there can be no country more passionate about it’s cuisine than Italy, for nature lovers, 5% of the country is designated national parkland and for those in search of culture, Italy has a long, rich and diverse history from the Romans to the Renaissance and to modern day …. whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it.

The second most important thing is finding the right property for everyone. The following are great for extended families….

Villa Colmegna

Villa Colmegna (BFY14018) – Fantastic option in the Italian Lakes. With 4 bedroom and sleeping up to 10 in total, it offers plenty of space for multi generational families.

The Italian Lakes (and specifically Lake Maggiore) is a wonderful destination for all members of the family. Little ones will love splashing in the lake whilst teens can enjoy the many watersports on offer including windsurfing, sailing and waterskiing. Parents will love the picturesque towns and villages around the lake whilst grandparents will love the amazing gardens on Isola Bella and at Villa Taranto.

Il Casolino

Il Casolino (BFY18619) – this is a stunning property in Puglia. The structure can work really well for multi-generation holidays, as it’s split into a 3 bed villa and adjacent 1 bed villa, allowing the grandparents a little bit of privacy and calm from the rest of the family if they ever want some time alone. It is important to think ahead before choosing a property and decide whether a layout like this will be better for you than 1 large property.

Puglia is a great region for everyone. Everyone will enjoy the stunning beaches. The stretch of coastline is the longest in Italy and it is divided into rocky coves and long stretches of golden sand, always flanked by stunning turquoise seas.

Umbria villa

This 4 bedroom Umbria villa (BFY14566) is one of the Bookings For You properties that I have actually road tested with my family. I spent a week here in the Summer of 2016 with my husband, our children and both sets of grandparents. It was absolutely perfect.

What we particularly loved was being able to walk into the nearby village where there were some fantastic restaurants, thus meaning we could all relax in the evenings rather than having to think about cooking for everyone. The holiday was wonderful… everyone loved it. We tended to breakfast together, then do our own things during the day and meet up again in the evenings. It was perfect, so much so that we have holidayed as a family for a week each year ever since.

Sarah x

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    This blog post has come just in time as we’re looking for a villa in Italy to jet off to with friends and all our kids next summer! About the villa you stayed at: was the pool area covered/safe for little ones? My boys will be 2 and 4 then and don’t want to spend the whole time hovering over them in case they fall near the water…..xx

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