Capturing Memories With TimeSpring

August 30, 2018

As a parent I am always thinking about capturing memories of the girls, I want to make sure they have the same books, pictures and videos that we had growing up. I remember getting to teenage years and spending hours looking at photos of my sisters and I and loving hearing all the things we did when we were younger. Even now Amelie asks me what she did when she was one and I hate to say it but memories do fade so I love finding ways to make sure even when the memory fades it’s been captured.

We have also found ourselves raising children in a slightly different way to the way we were raised. I remember seeing my Grandparents all the time because they lived 15 minutes down the road, but Amelie and Evie’s Grandparents are 3 and 4 hours away so we are always trying to make sure they are seeing special moments of the girls as they grow so quickly in the times we don’t see them.

I’ve been really excited to be trying out a new app, TimeSpring over the last month or so to capture both memories but also keep Grandparents in touch.

TimeSpring APP

You’ve all probably heard of people setting up an email address for children and sending them emails with the intention of unlocking it when they’re older. TimeSpring does this but not only can store and schedule messages it can help with keeping Grandparents and family in touch.

TimeSpring app

I’ve found that using the app I have created messages for the girls that are more personal than I would want to share with the world and have also been able to send my parents funny pictures or milestones that the girls have achieved.

TimeSpring message

As I move into Amelie’s next big stage in her life, school. I feel like the app will really come into its own as I can capture the feelings we have as she starts reception. The other day we bought her school uniform so I wrote a little post with a picture of her in it. I didn’t write much but what I did write brought tears to my eyes and it’s something that I know I’ll be feeling for the next few weeks but in a year or so’s time that starting school feeling will probably be lost.

TimeSpring message

I have been really impressed with TimeSpring and will continue to use it as we move forward with the girls lives and hope that it will be valuable to the Grandparents and the girls will also enjoy looking back at memories.

You can download the app for iphones here and via google play here.


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