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4 Pre-Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

August 28, 2018

Autumn is on the horizon. This means beautiful natural sepia tones, and perhaps the most comfort of the year. Wrapping yourselves up in warm blankets, reaching and watching the gentle rain is something that we all cherish, especially when coupled with a cheeky few biscuits and mug of tea.


However, this is also the time where our home maintenance is best carried out. This means that taking some time to plan and book services to help you could be on the agenda for this week. Consider the following guide to help you ensure you’ve taken care of everything. This will help you finally read that book in peace, your only worry being how many cookies you consume in one day (we wouldn’t blame you no matter your decision.)




It’s essential to take care of your roofing before it becomes too cold to adequately work on it. If you find an issue and your roof needs to be deconstructed for a time, you can be sure that the home you live in will be absolutely freezing in the midst of winter. This is why scheduling this time is the most important for all. Ensuring your roofing felt is in order, your shingles are in good condition and that weatherproofing is present can give you peace of mind, and prepare you for the colder weather. This is especially important if heavy snowfall or rain is likely.




All drains get blocked, and in the rainy season it’s very important to ensure that they are taken care of ahead of time, or that you have competent services ready to resolve any issues. As the rain falls, debris is washed down drain pipes, so unfortunately blockages can become quite common, especially deep in a pipe. Keeping the number of a local drain company to hand can help you repair, restore or replace the drains if needs be, helping you avoid flooding or stagnant pools of water.




It’s likely you’ll use your garden less and less as the winter months march on. In order to ensure you take care of this green space ready for the next spring, you should take care of a few maintenance efforts. Using tarpaulin to cover your pool, pond, or other important furniture you cannot store can protect them from the weather. Storing all of your belongings in a locked shed can help prevent theft. Oiling locks and other equipment can help the cold from freezing certain mechanized systems, preserving their use for when the summer weather rolls around once again.



Now is the last chance to resolve any window troubles you have, from full pane replacements to restoring the window arches, even if using a silicone sealant. This can help you insulate your windows and prevent them from letting heat out and wasting your money during the winter months. Ensuring you clean them now can help you ensure they seem in good condition, as applying water to the pane out when it enjoys an inwardly warm atmosphere can cause the winter to crack, or at least lose its structural integrity. Finding the right service and fixing any identified issues within the next couple of months is your best bet.


With these tips, you’re sure to prepare your home for winter in the most ideal fashion.

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