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Hair Care Tips For All The Family

August 26, 2018

Looking after my hair and the girls hair is always something I am thinking about and looking for new tips on. I thought I would share our hair care routine for my, dry often quite damaged hair and the girls very curly hair!

My Hair…

Choosing the right products

Choosing the right products is really important. I love salon shampoo and conditioner but they can be expensive so I try and buy products like Aussie Hair which I find makes my hair look and feel much healthier and doesn’t break the bank. I also make sure I use good quality hair brushes like a tangle teezer as this is much easier to brush through any knots.

Keep the heat down

Heat can really damage your hair so limit the use of hair straighteners and turn the heat down on your hair dryer. If you do use these products make sure you use a heat protection spray on your hair beforehand. I also try not to blow-dry my hair straight after shampooing, I leave my hair in a towel for 10-15 minutes (if I can) and then dry it afterward. Apparently, this is supposed to be a much healthier way to dry it.

Looking after you too

By looking after you as well and making sure you’re eating well and drinking enough water can help your hair. A body that is well nourished and hydrated will help hair look shinier and healthier.

The Girls Hair

Buy the right products

As with adults choosing the right products for little ones hair is as, if not more important as their hair changes as they grow and needs looking after. We buy Johnsons products for tangly hair as both the girl’s hair is really curly. We use a leave in, spray in conditioner by Johnsons which I think really helps contain the girl’s curls.

Always brush

Always brushing hair sounds obvious but if you have a little one who hates having it done it can be hard to always do it with the screams! We tend to wash the girl’s hair, use the spray conditioner and then brush it to try and tease out any tangles. We then brush it after drying which seems to be the best way to get it done!

For Him

Looking after his hair as well

Men often (well my husband anyway) forget to look after their hair and will use any products to wash it, so I make sure I have products in the bathroom for my husband to use on his hair.

If the man in your life has worries about any hair thinning then Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, or ATP, is a revolutionary treatment offered at the Harley Street Hair Clinic which replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles and tiny hair strokes. There is a really good advanced tricho pigmentation guide on their website which offers lots of advice and information.

How do you look after your families hair?

Sarah x

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