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Monkey World Review

August 23, 2018

Now the girl’s are older we are loving day (or morning) trips out and on our recent trip to Dorset we couldn’t not visit Monkey World. The girl’s love animals, especially after our recent trip to Marwell Zoo so I was keen to see what Monkey World had to offer.

Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild. The Centre looks after animals of this illegal trade as well as those that have suffered abuse or neglect. They are rehabilitated into natural living groups and the doors are open to the public for their support most days of the year.

We arrived at Monkey World just after they opened and it was already quite busy with lots of families having a day trip on a slightly cooler day from the hot summer days we’ve been having. We went as a four, my Mum, me and the girls and the entrance fee came to about £30 for all of us which I thought was quite reasonable. If you were going as a family or group they had special deals.

Our first stop was the cafe as my Mum and I fancied a coffee. We were impressed to see a very clean soft play with windows that looked onto a little monkey enclosure. It was the perfect place for parents of little ones who can’t sit still for long and would have been wonderful over lunch (we bought a picnic so wouldn’t need the cafe for lunch).

After we had all refueled after the car journey we set off to see the monkeys. Our girls are four and one and both were really engaged as we walked around the park. The only problem we had at some points was being able to see the animals. It was quite busy and we found it was quite hard for Evie to see as she wasn’t tall enough and needed lifting. We skipped some of these enclosures and went to other ones which had easier viewing points for little ones.

The park was a perfect size for toddlers and Evie nearly managed to walk the whole way around – with a few requests to sit in the buggy it felt big enough to spend a few hours at but not overwhelmingly huge.

As we explored the park we found great play areas, lots of picnic benches and places to sit. We also found fun little areas for pictures and lots of very clean toilets – very useful when you have little ones.

The girls favourite part of the day was watching some of the smaller monkeys as they ate. Amelie told me everything they were eating and Evie loved waving at them.

We found a great place with lots of grass for lunch and ended up leaving much later than we planned as the girls were having so much fun!

I would thoroughly recommend Monkey World if you are in Dorset and fancy a change of scene from the beach. Although we struggled with Evie being able to see at some points she didn’t mind at all and saw so much, they both really loved it.

Monkey World is Open every day, (except Christmas Day) 10am to 5pm and 10am to 6pm during July & August. Last Entry is one hour before closing.

Sarah x

*We paid for our tickets to Monkey World and wanted to share our experiences with you as we really enjoyed our day*

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