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How To Navigate London With Kids

August 20, 2018

Amelie and I have started to go into London together recently for events and some filming. I was very nervous the first time we went, how would she travel on the train, would she get tired, how would I get onto the train and into stations with no lifts?! Valid points and something I am sure lots of Mums who want to travel into London with kids worry about.

I’ve found that it’s really not as bad as you think it could be, as long as you plan and know your route and take snacks it should go easily!

How To Navigate London With Kids

Ask for help

Always ask for help at stations or with your buggy on and off transport. I have found people are always really happy to help me. When I arrived at Waterloo tube station recently one of the staff members carried my buggy (folded) all the way from the entrance down to the Northern Line for me so Amelie could hold my hand.

Take a buggy or buggy board for older ones

I always take a lightweight buggy for Amelie, even though she is four! She gets extremely tired in London and I am also nervous about her walking in busy stations as she’s so little she might get trodding or knocked so I find a buggy really does help.

Use an app

There are lots of apps that can help you navigate London. Mumderground is one I have downloaded on occasion to help me work out which stations have lifts.

Use a sling

If you have a younger baby consider using a sling to help you get around London. It means you don’t need to worry about a buggy and often they sleep well whilst being carried. We also use a backpack carrier for Evie if we go as a four and this works really well for a toddler who wants to see what’s going on!

Have a buggy that is light enough to carry

If you are going to be using a buggy make sure you have one that’s light enough to be carried if needed. We were kindly gifted a Cybex Eezy S Twist which folds up and can be carried over my shoulder. I tend to carry it folded on rush hour trains and then use once I am in London.


This sounds silly but sometimes it can be quicker and easier to walk. Lifts are stations are fab, but some underground stations really aren’t far from each other and I find Amelie loves to watch the cars and buses as we walk! London is a great place for kids to watch the world go by.

Take snacks

Take lots of snacks and water for little ones as it’s amazing how hungry they get. If you get delayed you’ll also have something to keep them happy.

Use escalators, but carefully

You can use escalators with a buggy (you shouldn’t), but on occasion when I really haven’t had any other option I do. Push it on and balance on the back wheels but be careful! Only do so at your own risk and only if you feel comfortable.

Always come off transport backwards

A mistake I made recently on a bus. I tried to push Amelie off forwards only to hear the bus driver shout ‘always get off backwards’. He was totally right it is SO much easier to always get off buses/tubes backwards.

What are your top tips?

Sarah x

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