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Making Our House a Home With Desenio

August 14, 2018

A little confession…

We painted our house before Evie was born. That was nearly two years ago now and until fairly recently we still hadn’t decided what to put on our walls. We definitely got stuck in busy family life and just forgot about decorating the walls, but there has been a little niggle whenever I looked at our plain living room that we really should sort it out as wall art can transform a room.

When Swedish-based site Desenio got in touch to see if we’d like to choose some prints for our home I couldn’t reply to the e-mail quick enough, I couldn’t wait to make our house a home.

Desenio is a site that sells prints and posters online and they have the most amazing selection. The site is jam-packed with fabulous wall art and I loved the inspiration section which really helped me think about what to put together – sometimes I find choice a little overwhelming!

We decided to add wall art to our bedroom, our family living room and our dining room – three rooms which really needed some decoration.

The first room I looked on the site for inspiration for was our bedroom. It’s a very neutral room with creams and dusky pinks but has dark grey curtains so I didn’t want anything too fussy or bold. I found these two posters in the inspiration section on the Desenio site.

I love them and think they are simple but stunning. The two posters are Naked Lines No2 and Flower Lines No1 which have been hung in DesenioWhite picture frames (50×70). It’s so amazing how having just two posters in our room framed nicely has really made a difference to how the room feels. It finally feels finished!

The second room we really wanted to add some artwork to was our family living room. As you may have noticed from my Instagram feed and this blog pink is one of my favourite colours, but in the home, I have to add it quite subtly mostly so my husband doesn’t feel he lives in a pink house!!

I decided to try and find prints that felt fun for a family room but also looked stylish for when we have guests over – with a sprinkling of pink added in! I was instantly drawn to Desenio’s pink collection and fell in love with the dusky pink palm tree print called ‘Pink Sky Palm Trees’. Next to this print I chose a print ‘Together is our favourite place to be’ which I felt worked really well in our family room.

The final room I wanted to hang some art was our dining room. There is only space for one picture here as we have shallow shelves on the other wall so I chose a quite bold print to sit above the girl’s toy box. I love this & Poster framed in a Desenio frame and think it works really well above the girl’s sometimes messy space!

I am really loving having some art on the walls again after such a long time having bare walls! If you also need to add some art to your home you can use The code “surreymama” which gives 25% off posters* on all of Desenio’s sites between August 14th and 16th.
*Except for frames and  handpicked-/collaboration posters”.

Sarah xx

*This is a sponsored post*

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