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Designing Your Dream Kitchen

August 1, 2018

Designing a dream kitchen is something I think we all secretly do; beautiful worktops, a light and airy space, clever storage and useful appliances. When you’re considering your dream kitchen what are the things you should invest in or plan well? Here is my guide to the top four things you should think about…

Let the light in

When most people redesign a kitchen they are usually having an extension done at the same time, so think carefully about the light. Natural light is always going to win over artificial and having lots of it is wonderful, especially in the winter months. Think about having roof lanterns which look amazing and also let in lots of light.

It’s also wise to think about the light in the evening, would dimmer switches work well if you’re planning on entertaining in the area? Should you have pendant lights over benches which will help light areas you’ll work in? These will all transform a room once it’s dark outside.

Invest in a quality kitchen

You should spend the budget on a quality kitchen that will last. Appliances are pretty good these days, so invest in the units that will last for years. The worst thing would be to buy cheap units and find they start to wear after a few years.

Think about where everything will be

Think about how you use your kitchen and where appliances should be. Always make sure your dishwasher is next to your sink, so that dishes can be rinsed and put straight in. If you have them too far apart you’ll find you make lots of mess!

Sockets and more sockets

Everything needs to be plugged in these days so make sure you have enough sockets for everything. It sounds obvious but count your appliances and then add some more for when something is invented and you want to add it to your kitchen.

Have you recently designed a new kitchen? What are your top tips?

Sarah x

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