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Five Things Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking a Family Vacation

July 23, 2018

Holidays with the family are so special, the perfect opportunity to make memories and have some quality time just to enjoy each other’s company. However, there are some particular challenges to face when it comes to going away with children, and your holidays now are sure to look a little different than they did when you were just a couple. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on a destination, particularly if this will be your first family holiday.

How Long is the Journey?

Travel with kids is never the easiest, and babies and children can get over tired, stressed and upset when they’re stuck for hours on end in a car, on a bus or on a plane. For this reason, the length of the journey should probably play a part, especially if you’ve not travelled any long distance with your children before. Perhaps consider destinations that are only a few hours away on a plane, instead of longer journeys- it will be far less stressful for you all and is less time you’ll need to keep restless kids occupied!


What Will The Weather Be Like?

The cold mountain air on a skiing trip or the scorching summer’s sun on a beach might sound like heaven to you. But of course, any extreme weather conditions are going to be an issue for children. Your best bet would be to go to a destination that has fair weather, or go at a time of year that the weather is likely to not be too warm or too cold. While the weather anywhere isn’t guaranteed, you could check out things like usual temperatures and climate for the time of year you’re considering visiting.


What Kinds of Things Are There to Do?

When you’re going away with children, you of course want to make sure they have a good time and so a destination with lots of family and child- friendly activities is a must. Swimming pools, dining, kids clubs, beach activities and more will all entertain kids and are things you can all do together. Boating trips, excursions, adventure parks and animal activities nearby will all go down well too. Do plenty of research before you decide so that you’re not stuck for things for the little ones to do while you’re away.


How Will We Get Around?

Getting around with kids on holiday can be an issue, long bus journeys are always going to be tedious and if you’re travelling with a baby you have their pram, diaper bag and lots of other bulky items that you need to bring with you. One option is to check transport links to make sure they’re good, otherwise you could hire a car. Alternatively, book a resort or hotel which has things to do right on the premises. A family holiday in the Shearwater Hotel for example would give you lots of things to do without having to go travelling miles, and at the end of each day your accommodation is right there.


Is The Destination Safe?

All of us want to be safe on holiday, however it’s even more important when you’re travelling with kids. Do your research and be sure to avoid destinations that are more prone to things like disease, crime or political instability.


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