Bugaboo Bee 5 Review

July 19, 2018
Bugaboo Bee 5

The Bugaboo Bee 5 stroller was a purchase we made when we decided our Bugaboo Donkey was getting a little heavy and we needed a lighter weight stroller, which could still use our Bugaboo accessories and importantly our buggy board!

After a lot of research we decided on the Bugaboo Bee 5, which we have had for about 6-9 months now so I thought I would write a review about what we love about the stroller…

What we love about the Bugaboo Bee 5

The handling

I love the handling of Bugaboo’s, they just feel like they push well. We’ve had a Cameleon and a Donkey which handle beautifully, they really are amazing pushchairs. The Bee doesn’t handle as well as them (for example when you push it up a kerb you’ll need to actually lift it where the Cameleon or Donkey will just push up), but as it’s a lighter weight stroller with smaller wheels that’s to be expected. However, for nearly all surfaces and with a toddler on a buggy board I have been really impressed with how well it pushes. As a family, we love going to National Trust properties as well as spending time in the city and the Bugaboo Bee 5 has performed really well in both environments gliding over bumps and being small and nimble in the city.

If you compare the Bee to an umbrella stroller for example the ride is so much smoother, feels like you have total control and is a joy to use. I would buy this over an umbrella stroller every day.

Bugaboo bee 5

The style

I love the style of the Bugaboo Bee 5, in fact, all of the Bugaboo’s but I love the version we chose with a black frame and blue fabric. It looks really stylish and the fabric feels very premium and has lasted really well with a toddler who likes to get very dirty when we go out exploring!

Bugaboo Bee 5

It can be used for newborns

This buggy can work for families from birth all the way through to childhood. Our now four year old still sits in the Bugaboo Bee on occasions and doesn’t complain about it being uncomfortable, in fact, she had a long sleep in it last time we went into London together! If you are using the Bugaboo Bee for a newborn you’ll need to buy of the newborn cacoons which are good for babies up until 6 months old.

Bugaboo bee 5

It can be parent or world facing

The stroller can be adjusted to be either parent or world facing BUT you’ll need to adjust it before you put your child in. Some strollers can be adjusted on the move but this is a bit harder to do with a child in so make sure you do it in advance.

The accessories

Yes, the accessories cost extra, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. We really rate the buggy board for carrying an older child, the footmuff for cosy toes in the winter months and the coffee cup holders. You can find lots of the accessories on the Bugaboo site.

Easy folding and small when folded

I find some strollers SO hard to fold/work out how to fold them but the Bugaboos are so intuitive you can probably work it out without an instruction manual. The Bugaboo Bee 5 folds by pushing down buttons on either side of the handle and then almost just pushing it into itself. The big reason we bought this stroller was to make folding and lifting the stroller into the car easier for me and for my back and I have really noticed the difference between this and a heavier pram like the Donkey. It’s been amazing to have some boot space back!

Bugaboo bee 5

Everything works well

If you have a Bugaboo you’ll understand what I mean here. Everything on the Bee 5 is just designed well, it folds beautifully, it reclines gently (amazing if you have a sleeper you don’t want to disturb), you can dismatle it and put it back together easily if you’re travelling, it collapses easily – it’s just a very well made, well thought out pushchair and in my opinion worth the price tag.

You can see more of the Bee in action in this Youtube review…

If you’re interested in the Donkey you can read my review here.

Sarah x

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