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Moving Home When Your Wardrobe Is Everything!

June 29, 2018

Now, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I love fashion, trying on new outfits, and looking my best is something that I get endless enjoyment from. The flip side of that is a great deal of the storage space in my home is taken up by my wardrobe. Something that delights me on a typical day, but can make me dread moving house!  Luckily, I’ve found some tips that can make this job a little easier, and I’m going to share them with you in my post below.

Move draws full.


One of the best tips I have come across for us fashionistas is not to waste time unpacking the drawers from you dresses and closets. After all, this can take ages, as you have to carefully remove each item, refold it and then pack it into a box!


Luckily, you can move draws that are full without touching them at all. Yes, it’s true, all you need to do is take some plastic wrap and over the top of the draw with it. I find it works best if you wrap the entire draw several times top and bottom as it holds the clothes in place. Then you can pack the draws themselves and place them straight back into your dressers when you arrive in your new property.


Use a rail in your boxes.

Next, if clothing item makes up the majority of your packing why not use boxes that have rails in them? You can buy boxes like this or follow the tutorial at to make your own.


By using this type of packing you can save your self a lot of time as its easy to pick item straight out of your wardrobe and hang it in the box. Then not only will your clothes get moved to the new property wrinkle free, but you won’t have to spend hours re-hanging everything either. Easy!


Find a reputable moving company.


Also, it’s super vital that you pick a removal company like that are well know are reputable. After all, you will want to know that the people lugging around boxes of your high fashion and couture items will treat them with as much respect as you would do yourself.


Of course, you won’t want to be lug heavy boxes of shoes and bags around either, so getting a company that does the lifting and carrying for you is a must for any fashion conscious person in the midst of a move.


Make a list of what is in each box and where they need to go.


Lastly, if you are anything like me losing a prized item or not being able to find just that right pair of boots to go with your outfit is nothing short of a nightmare. That is why it’s vital that you make a list of everything that goes into each box.


Then, whether it’s the first night in your new home or weeks down the line, you will always know where you’re best fashion pieces are, even if have been too busy to get to unpacking your wardrobe yet.


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