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Getting The Garden Summer Ready with Clas Ohlson

June 28, 2018


I love the Summer months. The sunny days, longer evenings mean the chance for everyone to be outdoors more. We are lucky to have quite a large garden, but with that comes the upkeep and as busy parents of two that can sometimes feel like a big job.

We are always looking for ways to simplify jobs in the garden, it’s definitely the ‘part’ of the house that gets left to the last minute, but the part that we enjoy the most in the Summer months.

Clas Ohlson is a firm favourite in this household, they have a huge range of products for the home, for kids, the garden and importantly for us everything we needed to get our garden Summer ready. They know what they’re doing, they have been simplifying life for 100 years and they have helped us simplfy what we needed to do before our Summer fun with some great products.

Getting our garden Summer ready


Getting the grass ready for Summer is something we always need to do after the Winter especially as we have some seriously large tree’s in our garden.

Our grass area always needs some weed killer to get rid of any stubborn weeds on the grass and using a leaf blower makes light work of getting rid of the Autumn/Winter leaf fall as it both blows the leaves and vaccums them up!

Once the area is clear of leaves and has been weeded we then give the grass a cut. A good lawn mower is essential for the Summer, when it seems to need cutting every week.

We always need more extension leads for all the tools we use in our garden, so this one works really well as it’s developed for the outdoors with the waterproof socket.

Getting the patio Summer ready

This is my favourite part of the garden, I love to entertain our friends and family when we can so this area is always used a lot in the Summer.

The patio however always needs a bit of loving care after the winter months so the jobs we try to do are things like re-painting our white walls, weeding the patio, cleaning the patio and sorting out the flower beds.

This patio weeder is the most amazing thing ever for those awkward gaps you can never seem to get weeds out of, I have used this for the patio and also outside the front of our house.

We decided to paint our garage, our low walls and feature wall by the house white when we re-designed our garden a year or so ago. It looks fantastic, but the downside is we have to re-paint it almost every year. These paint brushes are perfect for both the big wall surfaces and the smaller walls in our garden and have given it all a fresh look.

This special edition toolset almost makes me want to do more gardening it is so gorgeous! It’s perfect for getting Summer flower beds sorted before the entertaining. I always buy a couple of new plants for the Summer like daisies which don’t last but look stunning planted in pots.


My favourite part, decorating the garden. After getting everything ready I love to add the finishing touches to the garden with lighting, plants, cushions on sofas and accessories. Clas Ohlson have a fantastic range that can really make a garden look stunning.

I love these white planters which look gorgeous against our white walls and are the perfect place to put the new flowers I have bought for the season.

Lighting can make a huge difference both to the inside of your house and the outside. With warmer, longer evenings you can spend more time outside and some lights in the garden can keep you outside a little longer. These lights from Clas Ohlson are perfect for our long white wall and look stunning in the evening. The girls love them and call them their fairy lights!

We have also found a great range of outdoor dining accessories, from wine glasses, jugs, plates and bowls that are plastic or bamboo so perfect if you have children that like to hold everything you hold! These pink ones work really well agaisnt the white backdrop, but unfortunately the girls love the wine glasses as well and always take them before I can grab one!

With the help of a few clever products from Clas Ohlson our garden is Summer ready and ready for the three July birthdays we have.

I can’t wait to spend more Summer evenings with the girls in our lovely space, which really didn’t take us very long to get sorted and ready with some great products all from one place.

Are you looking forward to Summer evenings in your garden?

Sarah x

*This is a sponsored post with Clas Ohlson. We were gifted the items detailed in the post for use getting our garden ready*


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