30 Ideas To Keep Toddlers & Young Kids Occupied This Summer

June 28, 2018

Summer is coming for toddlers and children and with that play moves from inside and from playgroups, soft plays etc to outside. I wrote a post recently with 50 days out ideas for the Summer holidays. But if you want to stay closer to home with the little ones then what could you do with them?

Here are 3o ideas to keep toddlers and young children occupied this Summer…

1) Fill up a paddling pool with ball pit balls and water and you have two of their favourite things combined!

2) Grab a picnic mat and a teddy bear and have a teddy bears picnic in your local park

3) Bubbles are always a winner, get loads of bubble mixture and get them chasing after them

4) Make a tent or a den in the garden with a fitted sheet and bags around the edges

5) Buy some sand and put it in a washing up bowl with toys. You can make a pretend beach for their toys

6) If you get any deliveries save the boxes and on a nice day take then outside and make dens or paint them

7) Go to a POY farm and try lots of different fruits

8) Look after the garden, water the plants and get them to dig (in the right places)

9) Pick flowers in the garden and organise them into colours

10) Play hide and seek in the garden

11) Play fairies and make the wants out of kitchen roll card

12) Play with (or multiple ones) and learn how to kick and catch

13) Use some of the fruit from the POY farm for homemade fruit ice lollies

14) Put the sprinkler on and play with the water

15) Bake some biscuits for your teddy bear picnic

16) Paint outside on an easel

17) Have your own sports day with friends in your local park, think beanbags on heads, chasing a ball and running racing

18) Make ice and watch it melt!

19) Visit your local farm

20) Go for a walk and see how many birds and animals you can spot

21) Make an obstacle course in your garden using everything you have

22) Have messy play outside, take dried pasta, flour and anything messy out and see what they do

23) Join in with a local ‘rock hunt’ if your town/village has one or start a Facebook group yourself. Mine two love painting their rocks, hiding them and then looking for more when we go for a walk

24) Buy a flower press and get creative with any flowers your little ones find

25) Buy some tissue paper, glue and with sand make your own ‘beach’ scene on a big piece of paper

26) Draw activities out on the pavement with chalk like hopscotch and encourage them to play

27) Have quiet time in the shade with books and colouring books

28) Get together with your Mama friends for play dates at each other’s houses, the toddlers can play outside and you can have some catch-up time!

29) Make clothes and dress up! Use old clothes to make outfits for the little ones for role play games. Why not try pirates or fairies?

30) Make your own playdoh and let them get creative in the shade outside

What do you do with your little ones in the Summer months?

Sarah x

For more ideas on Summer activities and where to go click here.

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