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Want to Work From Home? Here are the Best Options.

June 14, 2018

Working from home, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be sometimes. There is a lot more work involved than people see, and contrary to what many people believe it rarely consists in lazing around the house doing nothing. And, while working from home has more flexibility than the average 9-5 position, it still needs to be treated as a career, it still requires dedication, effort and a lot of care. What is listed below is probably not going to make The UK’s Hardest Jobs: Training VS Reward infographic list, but they all have their rewards, and you can do them from home.

Blogging is a great example. There are new bloggers starting blogs every day, and within a week, because they didn’t hit superstardom and earn big bucks, they get bored and stop. The bloggers that are making a decent living and perhaps even seen some award nominations or wins did the hard graft to get to the golden egg. Learning how to edit photos and content, learning necessary coding and SEO, negotiating fees and contracts with brands, managing social media, and even their taxes and accounts. Blogging is now a skill and a legitimate career choice.


If you can build a blog, you can probably create a basic functional website. Every business needs an online presence, and the chances are you know someone starting a business of some type. Wix is excellent for drag and drops personalisation, WordPress is great for blogs and if you spend some time learning necessary code and SEO you can offer your services.


Design apparel. Set up a store with somewhere like Zazzle upload your designs then promote it. It costs you nothing to set up an account, and they take care of everything – including shipping. The profit isn’t going to be tremendous but use this as more of a side-side hustle. The more income streams you can have running, the better.


Content writer. Millions of websites need web optimised content. Ranging from shorter blog posts to longer articles. Usually, a little knowledge of anchor texts, keywords, and context is an advantage – but for this one, you need to keep writing and applying for jobs in the field. You could also apply for other freelance writing positions, editing, proofreading and ghostwrite. The more of a portfolio you have, the higher you’re going to be able to charge.


Social media manager. Where once upon a time people would need to seek out a company to manage their social media, now all they really need is someone who great knowledge and some experience. If you have the relevant skills, and you are sure that you can meet the needs of the client in terms of growth, sales funnels, engagement then you can sign up to some freelance websites and offer your services.


Whatever you choose to do, getting established in your field might take a little bit of time to keep working at it, keep applying for jobs and make your side-hustle into your full-time career in no time.


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