10 Ways To Keep Babies & Toddlers Cool In The Summer

June 7, 2018

I love the Summer, but it is definitely different with babies and toddlers. They find it a lot harder to regulate their temperature, can’t tell us when they’re too hot and can get very grumpy in the hot weather. It can be very worrying when you have a baby in a heatwave, I’ve been there and know the concern over what to dress them in.

I have found that now Amelie is three, nearly four she can cope better in the heat but Evie at one still struggles.

Here are my 10 tips to help little ones in the heat.

1) Dress lightly and in breathable fabrics

Dress them lightly if you’re out and when you’re at home strip them down to a nappy if needed. Cotton fabrics will breathe better and looser clothes will be more comfortable.

2) Try to cool down the house where you can

Open windows in the coolest part of the day (i.e. the morning) and try to circulate the air around the house. Once it starts to warm up close the curtains where the sun shines and shut the windows. This should help to try and keep the house cooler. If you can afford one an air conditioner is amazing, we can’t though so we use a fan and open the windows before she goes to bed. Remember to buy a fan BEFORE the heatwaves as you’ll find shelves empty when it’s hot!

3) Keep them cool in the pram

Never put a blanket, towel or anything else over the pram to keep it dark as the temperature can increase to scary levels. Use a Snooze Shade or buy an umbrella or a breezy hood (i.e. Bugaboo summer breezy hood). On holiday we bought a clip on fan for the buggy and this really helped keep her a little cooler. If your little one sometimes sleeps in their car seat I would recommend trying to use the bassinet as they’ll be much cooler in that than their car seat.

4) Keep the bath cooler

We prefer cooler showers as adults when it’s hot, so don’t make baths for children too hot in the Summer. A slightly cooler bath will help them cool down.

5) Keep them in the shade

It sounds obvious but they will be cooler in the shade.

6) Turn the air conditioning on in the car before you leave

If you have to go out in the car try and cool it down before you leave and check the metal parts of buckles in case they are hot!

7) Buy a room thermoneter and dress accordingly

A room thermometer is essential and will help you decide what to dress your baby or toddler in. Gro bag do a good guide for what to dress your baby in if you use a Grobag.

8) Keep them hydrated

Keep offering them water and you’ll find they might need more in the heat. A breastfed baby might feed more and will be hydrated through those extra feeds.

9) Stay indoors

It goes against everything we used to want to do in the Summer months before we had kids, but on seriously hot days or in the heat of the day I keep the girls inside as they are a lot more comfortable.

10) Get the paddling pool out!

Finally, have fun! Get the sun cream on, the paddling pool out and let them cool down in there. We have a huge umbrella we put over the paddling pool so they can play and cool down safely.

How do you find the heat with kids? Any other tips?

Sarah x

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