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Hampshire Holiday Fun For All The Family

June 4, 2018

Finding the perfect holiday destination for the whole family isn’t always easy. This is especially true when your travel party includes all ages from babies to senior citizens. However, there are several wonderful destinations dotted around the UK, and Hampshire is one that stands out from the crowd.


Whether it’s a long weekend or an extended vacation with the family, you’ll want to explore Hampshire in style. Here are four simple ideas that will ensure the trip lives up to those expectations.


Visit Peppa Pig World


Sorry… But let’s face it; all youngsters love Peppa and George. Visiting them at Peppa Pig World will give the kids an incredible experience while providing you with the perfect chance for photos. In truth, it’s actually more enjoyable than you might first fear too, even if the cartoon feels like the backdrop to your home life.


Paulton’s Family Theme Park, which is where Peppa Pig World is located, is great fun too. When finished with the rides, the village of Ower can provide a satisfying few hours. The relaxed vibes are particularly welcomed by grandparents after a few hours of noise and excitement.


Stay Somewhere Peaceful


When jetting off to Spain, sticking with the all-inclusive hotel is a great option. However, your trip to the south of England will probably be best enjoyed when you have a little privacy in the evenings. Hampshire holiday cottages are the ideal solution, not least because they bring a touch of luxury you won’t find with other accommodation. This is great news for everyone.


It’s important to consider the location as you won’t want to spend too many hours on the road while travelling to attractions. With the right destination and the essential comforts that you deserve, there’s no doubt you’ll gain maximised enjoyment.

Image: Quaint accommodation can bring something special to your trip.


Get Some Exercise


While spending some time on the various beaches across the county, Hampshire is home to some great hiking and cycling paths. Exploring the wonderful countryside and towns as a family can provide some truly magical memories. Quite frankly, this is the most telling factor of any family holiday, UK or otherwise.


Aside from being a great way to see some of the best places England has to offer, you can work up a great appetite in this way. There are some great places to eat throughout the main towns of Winchester, Eastleigh, and Southampton. So, this makes plenty of sense.


See The Animals


Of all the possible days out that you could enjoy as a family, there’s no doubt that seeing the animals is the one to unite family members of all ages. Hampshire has New Forest Wildlife Park, Marwell Zoo, and Birdworld. Choose the one that suits your tastes and preferences for a trip that’s guaranteed to produce smiles from start to finish.


You will need to check the season timetables to be sure that you’re visiting at a suitable time. Still, there’s no doubt that including this type of excursion will add something special to your Hampshire adventure. What more could any family ever ask for?


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