Getting School Ready

June 4, 2018


Our eldest daughter Amelie starts school this September and I can’t quite believe it! I have been trying to ignore it for a while, but as settling in sessions start I am trying to get organised, so thought I would share some of the things I am doing/buying to get her school ready.

Getting school ready

The run-up

As school gets closer I am making sure Amelie can do a few things for herself, getting herself dressed (from clothes to coats and hats etc), making sure she is able to go to the toilet independently and practising using her knife and fork. This will mean she is more able to look after herself when she goes into a big classroom.


We are getting her uniform ready. The school has given us a list, so I am mixing the items we need buying from high street retailers and then the labelled pieces from the official school retailer. I am buying in the size up from what she is now, as she is likely to grow before September and throughout the year.

I have had advice to label EVERYTHING, so on that note, I am using clothing labels that stick on because 1) I can’t sew and 2) it’ll be so much easier to label everything (knickers, socks etc) with stick-on labels.

We have stick-on labels from Labels 4 Kids which are so easy to use, you stick them to the wash-care label, smooth down and it’s good for 30 washes at 40c.

If you’re looking for clothing labels Labels 4 Kids has a 10% OFF code using SURREYM


Over the summer holidays, I am going to start to adjust Amelie’s bedtime to make it earlier and ensure we stick to one time, as we are quite relaxed at the moment. I’ll also start waking her at the same time every morning so she’s used to the general sleeping and getting up routine. Hopefully, she’ll be well rested as a Summer born I think she’s going to be shattered!


I’ll be buying Amelie a new bag for school to carry her reading books and also one for her water bottle and extra kit. These personalised bags from Labels 4 kids would make great PE bags or ballet bags for after-school classes.

Talking only when necessary

I’ve noticed that Amelie really has no concept of time and had been getting a little unsettled about the change of going to school, so we don’t talk about school now unless absolutely necessary so she doesn’t feel worried about the change of routine. We have been doing this for a few weeks and she is a lot more settled again.

First day

I am mentally preparing myself for the first day so I am calm, ready and don’t let any nerves come through for Amelie. I am going to have childcare on hand for Evie and everything ready so there is no rush in the morning.

Being more tolerant

I’ve read that children starting school can become massively tired and therefore clingier or grumpier, so we are bracing ourselves for that and will be as tolerant as possible with her. We are also going to keep the first few months of weekends fairly quiet so she can have a rest.

What are you doing to get school ready? Anything I have missed?

Sarah x

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