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Worldwide Kids at Sani Resort Review

May 31, 2018


Holidays are a special time for us as a family, it’s our time to reconnect as a family, but it’s also time for us as parents to have a rest and time to switch off. We are both very busy and often work late into the night, so when we went on our holiday this year we were really in need of a rest and Worldwide Kids were there to help us get that on a few mornings.

We have used childcare for our last three holidays and for us as a family it works, so we decided that this year the girls would have five mornings out of our ten days at the Worldwide Kids crèche.

As Amelie and Evie are both under four they went to the crèche (which caters for children from 4 months to 4 years old) which was situated in a stand-alone building by the tennis courts in Sani Beach Resort. If your children are older they are in the main part of the hotel.

We found the crèche and especially the outside area perfect for little ones. The equipment was all clean, in great condition and everything had been thought out from shade in the outside areas to quiet corners for when little ones get tired. The staff at the creche were welcoming, put parents at ease and provided great activities to keep the girls occupied. When we picked them up they would either be singing or reading and we’d get a summary of their morning (for Evie this was what she’d eaten, drunk and when her nappy had been changed).

This year we were really excited to hear that Worldwide Kids were giving the creche a bit of a makeover by bringing in a new Peppa Pig programme. Sani Resort is the first of all of the Worldwide Kids’ hotels to have this programme so we were keen to try it out and see what they’d done. The arrival of the Peppa Pig crèche this year was welcomed by both the girls and we found lots of Peppa fun inside…

The Peppa Pig activities were great fun for our Peppa Pig fans, we found colouring with Peppa drawings, the girls favourite Peppa Pig books in a reading corner complete with soft toys and lots of our favourite Peppa toys and puzzles.

Amelie particularly loved the more ‘considered’ activities such as the colouring and the puzzles and Evie was thrilled to see her favourite toy from home, Peppa’s doctors kit. Having these familiar toys and the Peppa Pig brand was a really nice way to chat with the girls about what they had been doing and link the things they do at childcare at home with the childcare on holiday.

The Worldwide Kids team also provided extras such as the mini disco on three evenings and a NEW Move With Peppa dance class (which can be booked in advance) which we tried. The Move with Peppa classes is a movement, dance & physical activity class which last for 45 minutes. They are held in the resort 3 times per day, 6 days a week and are aimed at the under 5’s.

Each class is themed around a recognisable Peppa Pig episode and the class we did was all about travelling on a plane, which was very exciting for Amelie as she really enjoyed flying to Greece. The classes are designed to build motivation, physical confidence, coordination, balance and agility.

There were lots of props to use to bring the class to life from balancing beanbags, scarfs to float whilst flying and muddy puddles to jump in.


Amelie loved the class, I thought it was perfectly suited to her age (three and a half). She loved jumping in the puddles and trying to throw rings into them. I could see her really concentrating on how to do everything. Evie (18 months) really enjoyed the characters and the movement but she was a little tired so we decided to only do half of the class with her and let Amelie carry on.

I love the idea of having a class like this on holiday that parents can do with their children. As my husband works in London full-time he rarely goes to classes with the girls so he really enjoyed seeing them and what they did.

Overall I was really impressed with the childcare at Sani Resort. The girls had a great time, it kept them out of the sun for a few hours and meant that we could have a few hours to relax and recharge our batteries safe in the knowledge that the girls were safe, having fun and with great people.

We are already planning our trip to Sani for next year and it’s with no hesitation that we’ll book the girls in for a few sessions with the Worldwide Kids team again.

We have all left the holiday feeling refreshed, happy and with lots of memories made and it’s thanks to both the wonderful resort and the childcare that we were able to do that.

My top tip – book your childcare when you book your holiday as it is very popular! You can sometimes get sessions whilst you are at the resort if people cancel but book in advance to avoid disappointment. 

To see more of our holiday watch our youtube video here:

Sarah x

*We were given part of our childcare in exchange for an honest review of the childcare at Sani Resort. All thoughts, opinions and words are my own*

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