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What To Pack For A Day Out In England

May 31, 2018

I am a big fan of days out in England, we spend many a weekend and even weekdays going to National Trust properties, beaches or gardens.

However, if packing for kids wasn’t enough, living in England also has its challenges – you can quite literally have Four Seasons in One Day, so packing for a day out needs some planning.

Here is my guide to everything I tend to pack (throw in the boot) for the grown-ups when we’re going on a day trip…

What To Pack For A Day Out In England


Layers are the way forward. I learnt this a good few years ago now and it really is true. Always go prepared with options to layer up and build on. There are so many days where you can leave the house in a jumper and coat only to return in a t-shirt and vice versa. Always pack a raincoat – you never know!


Think about your shoes. I know it’s a cliche but I do live in trainers for a very good reason, running around or walking for miles in non-supportive shoes isn’t fun. I always make sure I have wellies in the boot as you never know when a field or gardens might be a little muddy.


As I have got older (and kids have arrived) I have realised that everyday trip needs some kind of bag with basic first aid and medicines. A first aid kit always travels with us, but I also have a pack of paracetamol, ibuprofen and a nasal spray for hay fever. My husband suffers really badly on some days with hay fever and it can ruin a day out and I always get a bad back after too much lifting the girls so these are essentials for us.

An Umbrella

April showers (and May and June and July)… Need I say more? If it’s the school holidays you are guaranteed rain so pack an umbrella and the rain cover for the buggy!


A good backpack

A good backpack has been my life saver since having kids. I can throw all the essentials and valuables in and have two hands-free for the little ones. A good one with compartments to help organise all the things you need can really help.

What are your essentials for a day out?


*This is a collaborative post*

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