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Awesome Barbecue Bash, Guaranteed

May 31, 2018

Nothing announces the arrival summer quite as much as a good old barbecue party at your place. It’s the bugle of war that tells your friends and family to get round to your place with beer, wine, fruit shoots and side dishes in exchange for you serving chargrilled meat and playing hostess with the mostess.

To take your barbecue bash to the next level this summer, we’ve pulled together a sort of glitch-free guide that will ensure nothing but great memories and happy vibes are created from the moment you fire up your grill. Woohoo.

  1. Prepare For Perfection

In terms of parties, a barbecue is meant to be as low-key as they come, which means you need to get planning to make your shindig seem super effortless. That means getting your garden ready, having a shaded area people can go to cool off and escape the sun, having a sprinkler system the kids can run through to keep cool, having enough gas or coal available, have plenty of ice for drinks, get Drain Boss round to make sure your garden doesn’t go all Meet The Parents, have plenty of sun cream available, insect repellent and bin bags dotted around the place.

  1. Food For Thought

The food you serve is always going to be the star of the day. It has to be. It’s a barbecue bash. That means having all the classic barbecue meats, but it also means having some fish, some slow-cooked gems and an array of impressive side-dishes and party dips. It’s these teeny-tiny little extra details that will make your bash a real success.

  1. Drinks For Every Personality

In theory, your friends should be bringing the drinks. It’s a sort of unwritten rule. Summer wines, cask ales, seasonal beers no one has tried before and that sort of thing. However, there are still some drinks you can have to hand out too. First of all, have plenty of soft drinks for the kids and seasonal drivers, then you can move onto the extra bits, such as a pitcher or two of your favourite cocktail and a nice batch of sangria.

  1. Garden Games Are A Must

We’ve already discussed how food and drink will be the star of the show, but the eating, drinking and catching up with one another is only going to last so long. So, to avoid any awkward silences or people leaving early, get yourself some amazing lawn games. Could be a bit of French Cricket, a bit of croquet or anything you fancy. Just make sure you have the option.

  1. Time For Some Tunes

Once upon a time, putting on a CD was a risk because you were having to put your music choice up for scrutiny, which not everyone is comfortable with doing. Nowadays, though, all you need to do is put on a Spotify playlist entitled, “Summer BBQ” and make sure you have some half-decent speakers to play it through. It’s a huge amount of stress taken off your shoulders. Forget sliced bread, Spotify is where it is at.

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