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Prepping Your Garden for Long Summer Evenings

May 25, 2018

Your garden can be a little piece of paradise in the spring and summer, and it won’t take much work to turn it back into the relaxing environment you enjoyed last summer. While home & garden magazines have been filled for years with expensive paving ideas and outdoor furniture costing more than half a year’s mortgage bloggers and Pinterest have lead the way in getting gorgeous gardens at a snip of the cost.

There are a couple of odd jobs that are worth doing before you start bulk buying citronella candles and outdoor beanbags though.

Firstly, most of the time over the winter months we very rarely venture into the garden for longer than the time it takes to build a snowman or get a bit too cold. During that time our fencing panels can take a bit of a battering – and pretty much go unnoticed. As we head into warmer weather, it might be an idea to get some fencing supplies ready for any maintenance jobs.

Get a good pair of weeding gloves. When we finally hit spring weeds tend to grow at a rapid rate and can quickly destroy your garden. You might think it is easier (and you’d be right) to spray them all with weed killer. The only problem is, that can be pretty dangerous for pets in the local vicinity, your own animals and you can’t grow anything edible there for a while after. Manual labour is the way forward here.


Around February – long before the birds have nested, you should make an effort to head out and cut back any bushes and hedges. Doing it early in the year makes it less of a hassle later.


Between the rain and the snow, the paving and decking have taken a lot of weathering. Giving them a good scrub down is going to do two things. One, they are going to be cleaner and two, safer. Decking and paving can become very slippery, grow moss and other things. You don’t need a jet wash for this, but it does make it easier. If you don’t have a jet wash a firm broom and some washing up liquid will do the job too.


If you happen to have any furniture that faced the winter months out there alone, then give them a vigorous scrub down. Sometimes cracks and split can appear in the wood, and if you don’t check the first time you will notice them, is when someone has an accident. If your wood furniture is in a good state of repair, it might be worth spending some time and giving them another coat of protective varnish – ready for another summer of fun.

Garden maintenance might not at face value seem like fun, but when instead of weeding you are reaping the rewards and lounging in the sun, watching the kids play, and sipping a nice cava – it is pretty delicious.

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul”Alfred Austin

Photo by Farsai C. on Unsplash

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