Parenting Books Don’t Prepare You For That

May 24, 2018

As an expecting mother, you’ve probably bought and read a lot of parenting books to make sure that you are ready when your baby comes. Of course, you want to be the best possible parent for them, even though you suspect that there is no such thing as a perfect parent.

On average, future parents read between 5 and 8 books to prepare themselves for the expectations and responsibilities of having a child. Mothers also read a handful of guidelines for pregnancy, as a way to ensure that they are not accidentally putting their unborn baby at risk as a result of their lifestyle choices. If you were to ask a new mother, she could probably point at the entire bookshelf in her home that is dedicated to pregnancy and parenting books. Do books really help? They surely provide guidance and some reassurance about what to do and what there is to come. But they don’t prepare you for all the changes that will incur.

Do books have all the secrets?

#1. It’s not just babyproofing your home; you change your decor

You will find that a lot of books provide clear instructions on how to babyproof your home, so that, if you were to follow everything to the letter, you might transform your interior decor into an XXL-size nursery room. You need to find the right balance between a home that is safe for your baby and a home that reflects your personality. To do this, you can use some clever decor hacks, such as playful paper ornaments that don’t break when they accidentally fall! You can also maximise your storage area with eye-catching boxes and baskets for all baby clothes, nappies, and toys. Additionally, the nursery room can combine a stylish bed – take a look at this range of Moses baskets – and baby-safe kits. The safety of your baby doesn’t mean your interior should be dull.

You can still decorate even with a baby


#2. You’re going to have bad days, don’t feel guilty about it

It doesn’t matter how often you’ve read that as a mother you need to be patient and understanding. There are days when you feel like it’s an impossible task. Don’t feel guilty about getting annoyed. Babies and toddlers can be hard work, so it’s normal to feel at a loss. Step out of your mother role for a moment and relax. Ultimately, you need to be kind to yourself too. So don’t take bad days at heart, let them come and go.


#3. You seriously don’t have all the answers

When you hold a baby for the first time, there’s nothing that replaces the bond you feel between you. But sometimes neither the bond nor the books give you the answers you need. Why is my baby crying? There are thousands of reasons for that! Is your baby hungry, poorly, excited, scared, cold, etc.? Babies don’t know how to express their emotions and needs in any other way than through crying. So, it’s normal to spend a lot of time trying to guess what they want.


Books can give you a heads up about all baby things. But there is no secret formula to become a parent. Do your best to tackles these changes in your life, and don’t blame yourself for the little mistakes on the way!

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