5 Ways to Unwind After a Day with the Kids

May 17, 2018

Aren’t you so tired? Being a parent is exhausting. Whether they sleep through for 12 hours from eight weeks old or still think it’s playtime at 9pm, children demand every ounce of energy we have. If you are looking for ways to indulge and unwind when they have finally gone to bed, take a look at these top tips and chill out.

Read Something

It can be so easy to go through the day only reading essentials like shopping lists, the daily report from nursery, and the odd text message. While the little ones are tucked up though, use this time to pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read or even flick through a magazine for an hour. Make sure it’s a treat, though. Reading another parenting book might not calm you down after a busy day, so try something that will take your mind off being in charge of small people.

Watch TV

You started a boxset on Netflix months ago. Now is the time to sit down and find out what happens at the end of the last series. you might be able to binge watch Stranger Things like you could pre-kids, but you might be able to squeeze in two episodes before the youngest wakes up or you nod off on the sofa.

Listen to Music

If you would rather switch all screens off after a hectic day, why not use this time to listen to your favourite music? Should the Spice Girls make you happy or you have a hankering for some Radiohead, now is the time to treat yourself to your jam for some instant escapism.

If you’re worried about waking the kids, pop on some headphones – like these Beats ones from HMV – and hit play.

Take a Bath

Try to remember the last time you allowed yourself time to wallow in the bath. Usually, if we manage a quick five-minute shower, we’ve done well, however if you know the kids are out for the count, take the opportunity to start filling the tub. Light some candles while the children aren’t around to hurt themselves, pop in some bubble bath and feel the stress of the day slip away.

Catch Up

When was the last time you and your partner sat down and properly talked to each other? If the only conversations you’ve had lately have involved what to add to the shopping list and whose turn it is to do the school run, take this quiet time to catch up on things that don’t involve the kids.

Don’t go out of your way to avoid the topic of the funny thing your two-year-old did at nursery but do try to chat about each other’s day. Reconnecting in this way is a lovely opportunity to bond and remember what makes you a great couple.

What are your favourite ways to switch off when the little ones are in bed? Do you do any of the above?

*This is a collaborative post*

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