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What to pack in a kids flight bag

May 6, 2018

I think the one thing I am most nervous about when we go on holiday these days is the prospect of flying with two young children. It’s the thing that keeps us short haul and will do for the next few years!

Our flight last year was OK, Amelie was at an age where she could be amused with activities and Evie was a baby, but this year we now have an 18-month-old adventurer. I’ve been planning their flight bags for a couple of weeks now and have shared what I am taking in the video below.

I hope it’s helpful if you’re jetting off on your summer holidays over the next few months.

What to pack in the kid’s flight bag

A few top tips I have found for flying with the little ones:

  • Pack snacks and lots of them, they can be great bribery tools for when they NEED to be strapped in
  • Think about what keeps them quiet at home and what they enjoy playing with. I have bought these things and now hidden them so they have a surprise on the day
  • If you can use an iPad or iPhone, do! Make sure you have their favourite programmes downloaded and you’re good to know
  • Get a good pair of noise limiting headphones, they’ll protect little one’s ears and mean everyone on the plane doesn’t have to listen to Teletubbies! We have a JVC pair for Amelie and think they’re fab!
  • Little ones can’t regulate the pressure in their ears as we can so have some smoothies or something they can suck when you take off and land, this will help try to avoid any sore ears
  • If it all goes wrong and they scream, remember, you’ll probably be on a plane with other parents who will have been there, it’s only a few hours of your life and you’ll be on a beach (with a gin) very soon!!

Have a fantastic holiday.

Sarah xx

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