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My Top 10 Everyday Hero Items

May 6, 2018


There are a few items in my life that are my favourite or go to items on an everyday basis. They are the ones you don’t even think about but you use or look at all the time. They’re our hero items, the ones we’d really notice if they disappeared!

Clas Ohlson recently challenged me to find my top 10 everyday hero products from their range and I thought it would be an easy challenge, but I actually found it quite hard to narrow down my choices!  Clas Ohlson has such a vast range of useful products, with lots of brand names I love, I was amazed by the choice.

I did find my top 10 items though and I am already finding they’re helping to simplify our busy lives and have slotted right into the home.

My top 10 everyday hero products

Kids plates

Having a good set of kids plates, bowls and cups is essential. I want something that looks good, is practical (I.e dishwasher safe) and importantly doesn’t break as we all know how toddlers like to throw things!

I love this pink Bamboo set, it can be washed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, looks gorgeous and with an extra two sets means we have a full set for the garden!

The girls love these and Amelie now requests that every meal is on these plates!


Something every family home needs and if your home is anything like mine, always needs more of! We desperately need storage in our youngest daughters room so have found these storage baskets perfect to help organise her things more.

Evie’s room is the smallest in our house and as such doesn’t have a wardrobe, this was fine when she was a baby but as she grows up and needs a more diverse wardrobe and wants toys in her room I needed a storage solution that not only looked good but did that job. Step in three, pink storage boxes. They look good, feel good quality and mean we can get more organised!

Handheld vacuum

With two little ones under four, it is inevitable that there will be a mess after a meal. On a daily basis I sweep under our kitchen table three times, mop up at least two spillages as both girls don’t want beakers anymore but cups, playdoh gets dropped on the floor – you get the idea, there is a lot of clearing up!

Enter my hero – a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Honestly, this has changed my life. Now I don’t have to make sure I have metres of kitchen roll, don’t have to use a dustpan and brush, I just grab my vacuum and the table mess and spillages are gone. This Mama’s, is a game changer! Also, the girls think it’s a toy and can clean up after themselves!

A good night light

Amelie loves having a nightlight when she goes to bed and unfortunately one I bought when her room was re-decorated has broken so we are loving this flamingo neon light. It has a timer so I don’t need to worry about turning it off when I go to bed and she loves the pink glow in her bedroom.

It fits in with her grey and pink colour theme room perfectly, but I think it would look great in any room, I secretly wanted to keep this for our living room!

Cushions that make a room

There is something about accessories that really change a room. We have needed some new cushion covers for our room for a while. These ones fit perfectly with the grey and pink tones we have in our bedroom and are a really good quality.

A good saucepan

I had no idea that Clas Ohlson stocked brands like Jamie Oliver and a real hero in my home is a good, durable saucepan. This one works on both induction and gas hobs and has easy pouring and draining with an inbuilt pouring lip and strainer, perfect when you’re in a rush to make dinner for little ones.

Kitchen Scales

We do a lot of baking and cooking in our house and it’s something the girls increasingly love to help me do – especially cake making! A good set of scales are essential to make our favourite bakes and recipes. These scales are slim, easy to use and are also pink, so of course, I love them!

Good utensils

A set of good kitchen utensils in a family kitchen is essential. I love these four from Joseph Joseph, they have a tool rest and a weighted handle which means when you set them down when cooking you have less or no mess. This is great news for me as it’s less to clean up and much more hygienic that tools used to cook raw food with, for example, doesn’t touch worktops.

I like to get the girls involved in cooking that I am doing (where it is safe too) and Amelie approved of the spoon to help my mix their morning pancakes.

A set of knives

Another clever Joseph Joseph product. This set of knives, like the utensils, feature a tool rest and a weighted handle which means when you put the knife down, the head of the knife does not touch the work surface. Such a clever, but simple idea! These knives are also very good, every busy kitchen needs a good set of knives!

A trendy light shade

A good light shade can really make a room and I love this wooden, scandi inspired light shade. It’s perfect in our very white spare room and really brightens it up.

The wooden slats look fantastic and it was really easy to assemble and put up!

What would you choose as your top 10 everyday hero products?

Sarah x

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