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Choosing The Right Gravel For Your Garden Made Easy

May 4, 2018

Enhancing your garden is essential as your garden is part of the exterior design of your home and it makes such a difference if it looks warm and welcoming.

There are various ways to enhance your garden. There are experts who carry out garden enhancements, artificial plants and trees and finally garden stones look fantastic for exterior landscaping.

There is a wide variety of the above on offer from artificial tropical trees, deciduous trees to palm trees. Similarly, garden stones or gravel are also available in various types, from crushed stone, to washed clean stone, pea gravel, yellow jersey shore, white marble chips and many more. They are used for different purposes, so it’s important to pick the right gravel for your garden and design.

Here are some of the most commonly used gravels, their purpose and uses:

Crushed Stone

Crushed stones emulate the idea of what a gravel walkway looks like. It is the quality of the crushed stone that almost matches the classical way of creating the gravel path. These type of stones are altered and sorted and are made of high-purity limestone and dolomite. They easily blend with the exterior of a garden.

It’s a good idea to use artificial prairie grass and faux tree stump with crushed stones. They will help in creating a unique landscaping theme for your garden.

The Washed Stone or clean crushed stone

These stones undergo the same process as crushed stone during manufacture. Thorough cleaning and removal of impurities are additional steps performed during the manufacture of these stones.

Washed clean stone is also made of limestone, granite, gneiss or trap rock. Add artificial tree branches and artificial topiaries and if you are a lover of nature pair washed clean stone with an artificial tree branch or artificial tree trunk.

The pea gravel

This is a type of gravel whereby each particle is the size a pea. Pea gravel is not and has been around for a long time, you can usually find this as part of a residential driveway or walkway.

Pea gravel is of small diameter in appearance, about 6.4 to 9.5mm. They are also available in various colours like buff, rust, brown, grey, white and black. To add more colour add artificial silk plants as they will give a classy look to the garden. Large artificial trees are good landscape design with these stones.

Yellow jersey shore gravel

The name, yellow jersey shore arrived from the beach, Jersey and its popularity began in New England. Even today you can find many houses in Northern England using these yellow, round Jersey shore gravel for landscaping.

These stones are tiny, round, smooth and mixed yellow and white. Artificial bonsai trees or any outdoor trees along with these stones will create a tranquil landscape for the garden. The hardscape of these stones and the greenery of those artificial trees will make your garden welcoming.

White marble

White marble is also among one of the most commonly chosen gravel. They are mostly used for creating walkways. They are the best alternative for organic mulch.Unlike the name indicates white marbles are not just white, it consists of streaks of grey which makes it visual appeal more interesting.

The texture of the stone attracts the eye of the guests, and they reflect sunlight. They help in preventing the property getting overheated. If you combine these white marbles with a faux tree stump or artificial tree trunk along with foliage they can look stunning.

The quarrying process

The quarrying process is also known as crush run or in short QP. This is an unusual choice for homeowners, primarily if you are interested more in semi-permanent solution for the driveways in the garden.

These stones are small with jagged edges which help bond one another. The spaces that occur among them are filled with the dust, helping reduces the empty content. Once they are compact, they make a very constant and stiff pattern for driving or walking on. You will usually find them in black and grey colours.

If you do not like to keep it plain use artificial trees and plants to make it enjoyable. Large artificial trees and silk plants make the garden more attractive. Branches and trunk of the trees are also good for enhancing the look of the garden. Instead of using natural trunk and branches, use artificial tree trunk and artificial trees branch for landscaping.

Gravel will last a lifetime and is a cost-effective way of enhancing your garden and as such, they are popular among the hardscape materials.

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