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Would a cruising holiday suit a family?

April 27, 2018

I have often wondered whether a cruise would suit a family and in our instance a young family. Something about a cruise really appeals to me, the exploration, all the facilities in one place and the difference from your usual holiday.

I’ve put together my thoughts on why I think a cruising holiday would suit us as a family and would love to know if you’ve been on a cruise and whether it worked for you?

Why a cruising holiday would suit a family

Everything under one roof

There is everything under one roof on cruise ships, from water parks with swimming pools to mini golf courses, gyms, fitness classes, cinemas, theatres, rock climbing and sports classes. For every member of the family, there will be something to keep them entertained.

The food choice

There is so much choice on board a cruise ship, so for families with fussy eaters like us, there is bound to be something for them to enjoy. A lot of cruise liners also offer services like babysitting so parents can have a meal out together.

The ability to explore

If you can find cruise deals that work for your family budget then cruising offers the ability to explore places you might not otherwise manage to see in a short period of time. The hop on, hop off idea and bite-sized exploring really appeals as you can see as much or as little as the children allow!

Childcare for the kids

Lot’s of cruise liners offer childcare for children. Carnival cruises as an example offers childcare programmes from toddlers to teens that allows parents to have time to relax on board the ship.

I have also written about what we look for in a traditional family holiday, something we are doing this year, but cruising is definitely on my list of things to do!

Sarah x

*This is a collaborative post*

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