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Our family day out at Godstone Farm

April 25, 2018

There are three things I can guarantee when you take your children to Godstone Farm 1) they will not be bored 2) they will be absolutely exhausted (which is great for naps) 3) you will have the most wonderful family day out, complete with new memories.

We were recently invited to Godstone Farm to come and explore the farm and the extensive facilities. We found it to be a wonderful, traditional farm with everything and more of what you’d want for a family day out.

About the farm

Godstone Farm is set within the beautiful Surrey Hills with amazing views from the top of the farm. It’s an easy and quick drive from the M25 and has ample parking for visitors.

The farm is 40 years old and as you walk around you can see it’s retained its heritage, but there has clearly been an investment in certain areas recently making it, even more, family friendly.

The walk into the farm is beautiful. As you walk down the hill you are surrounded by views and countryside. For the little ones, the walk starts to show them what’s in store for the rest of the day with ducks, geese and alpaca’s on both sides of the path.

Godstone Farm view

The view from the top of the farm

The main barn is where you’ll find lots of the animals. We found sheep, pigs and a petting area.

We were lucky to visit in April as lots of the animals had babies! Amelie and Evie loved seeing all the baby piglets and lambs – something Evie hadn’t experienced before. It was a good chance for me to try and teach Amelie some of the names of baby animals.

Godstone Farm

The main barn

Godstone Farm

Viewing the lambs

Godstone Farm

Pigs and piglets

Evie’s favourite toy (and one that is hardly ever put down) is her bunny, so of course, when we arrived at the petting area and she found a real bunny she was extremely excited. There are a couple of areas where children can stroke the rabbits and Evie made her way straight to one of the benches. Unfortunately, the actual holding of the rabbit didn’t go so well and we had tears but she’s never really held an animal before or got very close so I was pleased she’d been so keen. I’m sure with more visits she’ll soon be absolutely fine! (she is also 18 months old)!!

Godstone Farm

The petting area

We were so impressed with the number of animals and different areas you could see them. Amelie and Evie spent most of the morning running around looking at the animals which was so lovely to see! I have never seen them so excited to turn another corner.

Activities at Godstone Farm just for pre-schoolers

It isn’t just animals at the farm. There is also a vast range of activities for children and in particular pre-schoolers on site. My girls particularly loved the Ride On Area (for under 6’s), which had lots of diggers and tractors they could drive.

Ride on area for under 6's

Ride on area for under 6’s

Godstone Farm

We also found the most amazing (and huge) sandpit, again for under 6’s, near the tea rooms with amazing toys, a slide, picnic benches and a boat. If you visit on a very hot day or indeed a rainy day there is an undercover sandpit which was perfect for us to shade the girls in the heat of the day.

Godstone Farm

Giant sandpit for under 6’s

Godstone Farm

Undercover sandpit, perfect for really hot or wet days

The newest investment in the farm is Wiglet’s Play Village which opened this year. It’s an indoor adventure role play area where children can play being a vet, play in the kitchen, work on a construction site and play in the ball zone. Our 18-month-old Evie absolutely loved the village and spent a lot of her time in the ball zone!

For the younger members of the family, there is a sensory and soft area. Everyone has a zone to play in.

Once we had managed to convince Evie to leave Wiglet’s Village we went to the Play Barn to find Amelie and her Daddy who were in the giant soft play, complete with racing slides.

If your children are younger there is a contained toddler area which was perfect for Evie and kept her in surrounds that she could manage.

The farm really has everything you could need to entertain children on a sunny or rainy day. We could have easily spent the morning in the soft play area or Wiglets Village as both girls were having so much fun.

We didn’t manage everything on our trip. On our list for next time is the Woodland Maze, taking a ride on the tractor, exploring more of the adventure playground and going to see the dinosaurs.  You really could spend a full day at the farm and you would never ever hear the words ‘I’m bored’.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit www.godstonefarm.co.uk

Sarah x

*This is a sponsored post. Thanks to Godstone Farm for inviting us and asking us to share our thoughts*

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    Looks like an awesome day out, those baby piggies!! xo

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      Aren’t they cute! Thanks for reading x

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