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Travelling with contact lenses

April 24, 2018

I am a contact lens wearer and as such, I always need to prepare when I go travelling, as there isn’t always everything available overseas for my lenses.  I want to be able to ditch my glasses whilst on holiday and wear sunglasses so preparation before we fly, is essential.

Here are my top tips for travelling with contact lenses

Take them out when flying

I always find it is much easier to take my contact lenses out when flying as the pressure really dries my eyes out. Have a pair of glasses and solution/case ready so you can remove them after take off and then pop them back in when you land.

Buy flight sized solution and take a spare case

You can only take 100ml bottles through airport security so make sure you have your case for your lenses and a travel sized solution handy so you can still look after your lenses on a long flight.

Try switching to dailies

Try switching to dailies if you don’t wear them already for your holiday, I find it much easier with dailies as I don’t need to worry so much about the care of my monthlies and can easily take them in and out if I need to. Lensite contact lenses online have a great selection of daily lenses for these moments.

Have more spares than you think you need

Always take more spare lenses than you think you’ll need as accidents can happen and you’ll want to make sure you can continue to wear your lenses whilst on your travels.

Look into eye drops for tired, dry eyes

Eye drops or your solution are great for keeping your eyes moist and healthy throughout your holiday.  In hotter countries, you might find that a couple of drops help with the comfort of your lenses so always have a small bottle handy.

Don’t wear them in the pool

I have always been told, never wear contact lenses in a swimming pool as it can contaminate them and distort their shape. There is also a risk of bacteria or viruses that can enter your eye, ask your optician for advice before wearing them in water.

Sarah x

*This is a collaborative post*


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