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How to get your garden ready for Summer

April 19, 2018

I love the long Summer days and now my two girls are a little older I can’t wait to spend more time in the garden with them. Before we do though we need to get our garden Summer ready, after what has been a very long Winter!

Here are my 5 steps to getting your garden ready for Summer

1. Tidy the garden

Tidy up the garden by mowing and feeding the lawn, by turning the soil and cutting back any plants that need to be calmed down before they grow over the Summer months. We always trim the edges of our grass and around the beds to give a neat look.

2. Get your furniture out and ready

We store our furniture in our garage over the Winter months but some may need treating or just a clean before Summer use. You could also give your furniture a lift by adding accessories or adding plants around or near them. We always use cushions on our teak garden furniture which gives it an instant Summery feel.

3. Cleaning the patio

One of the least favourite jobs, but one that needs to be done, cleaning the patio or decking. Check the care instructions for your surface and either use a jet washer or specific cleaning product to get the dirt and grim up that Winter left.

4. New plants

We tend to buy a couple of new plants each Summer that then sit in planters on our patio. The rest of the garden is bushes which makes it more manageable for us. I love to go to the garden centre and choose the plants for my pots every year. I always have a lavender as it smells amazing and is also great for bees!

5. Sow your seeds

Spring is the perfect time to plant vegetables, such as runner beans, carrots and broad beans. Think about whether you could have a vegetable patch. Not only to homegrown vegetables taste amazing it’s great to get the children involved in planting and watching them grow.

How are you getting your garden ready for Summer?

Sarah x

*This is a collaborative post*

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