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Why every family home needs a Kobold vacuum cleaner

April 18, 2018


The one thing I spend the most time doing is cleaning. With two little girls under four, who like to make a lot of mess (not always intentional) I am forever vacuuming, cleaning the floor, sweeping and trying to keep the house tidy. So when I was offered the opportunity to try a new vacuum cleaner, which (wait for this) vacuums and cleans the floor in one, of course, I said YES!

I have had this vacuum cleaner for about a month now and I truly think this machine is amazing.  It’s not just a vacuum cleaner, it’s not just a floor cleaner/mop but it does everything – it can nearly clean your whole house!

Why do I think every family home needs a Kobold vacuum cleaner?

Every family home needs one of these cleaning systems as it really does everything that you need to really clean a family home AND save you time.

The Kobold VK200 is a multi-functional, hi-tech upright sturdy vacuum which has been designed to carry out a whole host of household activities. This machine deep cleans everything making carpets look like new by lifting out years of dirt, cleans and deodorises mattresses, cleans sofas, helps you get to hard to reach places and ensures your floors are clean for little ones.

The price range for the Kobold is £749 to £1,628 and the price varies depending on the extras you add in. It is expensive and to be honest when I first realised the price tag I thought, no way, but after using it for a month I really see why it carries the price tag and can hopefully justify it one day! I also started to add up all of the floor steamers, vacuum cleaners and other products that we buy and have to keep buying and once you do that you do see that this cleaning system really this is amazing value for money.

Here is a summary of the main parts of the VK200 and what we loved about them.

Automatic Electric Brush

This is the main part of the vacuum cleaner and the head the machine comes with. I loved that this vacuum cleaner detected your floor type and went seamlessly between carpets and hard floors without having to do anything. The ultrasonic sensors do this and in less than a second delivering optimum suction every time.

When I was shown the vacuum in action in the home demonstration and then what it picked up from my living room carpet I was shocked. There was black dust and grim and lots of it. Having two young children, who often crawl on the floor naturally I was horrified about the dirt that my current vacuum cleaner obviously wasn’t picking up. This is the first reason why I think every family home should have one of these!

Vacuum and mop in one

The SP600 head is new to the market and I think might be my favourite invention ever! I currently vacuum my hard floors (wood and tiles), then steam clean.

This, however, vacuums and mops the floor at the same time, in theory saving me 50% of my time! The vacuum still works efficiently and the mop cleans floors beautifully with no streaks or mess.

It can be used on all floor types including parquet, laminate, tiles and stone. I put this to the test in my Youtube speed cleaning video with lots of mess underneath our kitchen table, to see how I got on watch the video below…

Carpet Refresher 

Another absolutely fab part of the cleaner is the VF200 carpet freshener. To use this it’s so easy, you attach the head, add a dry cleaning product called Kobosan and then massage it (with the vacuum) into the carpet. You leave it for 30 minutes then vacuum away. It is so easy to use and helps to clean, remove stains and makes the room smell amazing!

We used this in both of the girls’ rooms and I was so pleased with the results – a few days later you could still smell how fresh the carpets were.

Sofa cleaning

Another part of the vacuum I absolutely love. Who doesn’t have kids that sit on the sofa and drop crumbs, drinks and all sorts (if you don’t please give me some tips)!

This attachment cleans your sofa and helps to remove dust and dirt. As we have decided not to replace our very old sofas for a few more years this is a great way to keep them clean and fresh until that day arrives!

Mattress Cleaning 

The Kobold is also fantastic to clean your mattresses. It comes with two mattress attachments which both deep clean and dry clean.  When cleaning your mattress, you add in a product called Lavenia which smells of lavender. It helps to deep clean your mattress, removing dirt, dead skin and if you have kids who might have just been potty trained – you know what else I mean!

More accessories

There are also lots of other accessories I have loved using including the crevice nozzle which bends to get into hard to reach places, the soft nozzle for dusting shelves and the flexo nozzle dfor vacuuming walls and our conservatory roof.

To summarise I really do think every family home needs one of these (me as well, I am very sad to be sending this back). It’s an amazing home cleaning system that does everything in your family home that you need to do.

To book a demo of the Kobold home cleaning you can visit the Vorweck website and book or click here. You can buy from here.

Sarah x

*This is a paid collaboration but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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  • Reply Kristie Prada April 19, 2018 at 7:41 pm

    This is amazing. I love that it does the carpets and mattresses as well! Very appealing… #ThursdayTeam

  • Reply This Scribbler Mum April 19, 2018 at 9:09 pm

    Sounds like a fantastic vacuum cleaner. Love that it vacuums and steam cleans at the same time! Wish I could afford it though. #Thursdayteam

  • Reply mummy here and there April 20, 2018 at 4:52 pm

    I have never heard of this cleaner bit I do Lome the idea of carpet freshener X #Thursdayteam

  • Reply Kirsty April 24, 2018 at 10:51 am

    This thing looks absolutely amazing! I really loved your cleaning video on it too x x x

  • Reply Charlotte Stein April 24, 2018 at 8:44 pm

    this looks like a real game changer in the home #ThursdayTeam

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