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Top 10 Cleaning & Laundry Hacks

April 10, 2018

I love a good read of cleaning and laundry hacks – anything that will make my life easier is something I’ll try! As we move into Spring and we all want to Spring clean (or clean more) I thought I would share my top 10 cleaning and laundry hacks.

Top 10 Cleaning and Laundry Hacks

1. Cleaning your fridge

Cleaning our fridge is probably my least favourite job, but a way to make it so much easier is to take everything out (on a day before the shop comes), put all of the shelves and drawers in the dishwasher on a quick cycle, wipe the inside of the fridge and you’ve got yourself a beautifully clean fridge again!

2. Absorbent, but soft towels

Have you ever noticed that your towels don’t dry as well as they used to? If you use fabric softener in your towel wash this could be why… Try washing your towels without it, dry them in the tumble drier and you’ll have soft but absorbent towels again.

3. Taking care of your floors

Different floor surfaces need different care regimes. 

You can use things like steam cleaners on tile floors, but don’t use the steam cleaner on your wood flooring. You should also avoid using water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners or wax on your hardwood floors as all of these can damage the wood. I use a specific wood cleaner when it needs a polish and hoover the rest of the time. 

4. Careful when cleaning your oven

Ovens often need a clean, ours certainly does, but when you do clean your oven be careful with the cleaner! 

We all know to wear gloves, but a tip I learnt recently was to put paper over the fan part of the oven so the cleaner doesn’t leak behind the fan and drip onto the element (the part that makes your oven hot). If you always let the oven cleaner (which is an acid and therefore corrosive) drip onto the element you’ll soon find your oven doesn’t get hot and a new element is needed. Save yourself the ££ and cover the fan up when cleaning!

5. Use foil when baking

If you want to save time on cleaning then use foil when baking to save having to scrub baking trays and dishes after they’ve been used. This saves me hours!

6. Stain removal

If you have kids you’ll know that you need some good tricks to get stains out of clothes. My top tips are a Vanish soap bar for rubbing on stains before they go in the wash, putting Vanish powder in every wash, hanging clothes on the line (the sun is a great bleacher) and finally on tough stains look for stain devils!

7. Put a newspaper in your bins

Put a few sheets of newspaper in the bottom of your bin liners or bins to absorb any liquids, this is especially useful for recycling bins.

8. Clean windows

Clean windows make such a difference. If you’re struggling to get them clean, try adding a splash of dishwasher rinse aid to the water.

9. Cleaning your blinds and shelves

If you’ve got high shelves or blinds use a sock and make it slightly damp, then run your hand along the shelf or along the blinds to make cleaning lots easier!

10. Baking soda is your friend

Baking soda can clean anything. Stubborn stains, your child was sick on your bed, you need to remove crayons from walls – just use baking soda!

What’s your top cleaning hack?

Sarah x

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