A Day In The Life Of A Mum Of Two

April 10, 2018

I love making day in the life videos on my Youtube channel, but I haven’t done a written one before, so in the spirit of sharing, here is a ‘tell it all’ day in the life of a mum of two.

3 am

I hear footsteps and welcome our 3 three-year-old visitor into our bed, again. When I say welcome, I mean help her in and then turn over in the hope she sleeps!

5.20 am 

I hear shouting from the room next door, then a bang and realise Evie is awake and has dropped her bunny out of the cot. I look at the clock, think ‘not again’ and then wait until husband gets up.

He doesn’t and she’s now crying, try plan 2. Operation milk.

I give her milk, leave the room, cross fingers, toes and everything that she sleeps. On the way out I curse the squeaky floorboards.

5.40 am 

Creep into bed, only to find the three-year-old has taken my side. I try to move her and go back to sleep, the problem is I’m worrying so much about toddler waking that I don’t sleep at all!

6 am

I drop off just as the toddler starts shouting again. Husband gets up! Yesssss

6.20 am

I drop off just as husband turns light on and brings in the toddler.

6.30 am

I reach for my phone and play the toddler something from iPlayer kids as I know this will buy me 5 minutes. (my first never ever watched TV, my second

6.35 am

I’m totally awake, but my three-year-old still is asleep in my bed! I think about how I wish I was three again.

7 am

Husband goes to work. It’s now me and the girls for about 12/13 hours.

7.20 am

Both girls demand breakfast. Three year old wants a house out of toast, toddler wants to eat toast from a spoon. I decide that today is a day I’ll pick my battles.

7.30 am

Look at the weather forecast and cry. It’s raining all day and all week. I message my sister and hatch a ‘keep four under four occupied’ plan. We’re both Mums of two so we often keep each other company.


Everyone has eaten but snacks are being demanded already. I look at the clock and expect to see 11am and shudder as it’s only 8am. It’s going to be a long day.


Set the kids up with a task each and then run around unloading dishwasher, putting washing on and tidying up the breakfast mess. After a few minutes a fight over a felt tip has broken out so I leave to calm the situation.

9 am

Enough house time, I have to get out of the house!

Everything is thrown in the car and I decide to go to the shops as it’s raining. This option never ends well but I always do it as it sounds like a good plan at the time…

11 am

I’m stressed and carrying two bags of stuff you don’t need. It’s now time to race around the supermarket feeding the toddler anything I can find as she wants to escape.

12 pm

They finally calm down with some food thank goodness, but only if I sit with them which means my lunch never got made.

1 pm

The toddler is in bed and asleep as she was so tired from the early morning. Next up, the three-year-old who says she doesn’t want to nap today. Great.

The TV goes on so I can get a few minutes to send some emails – life of a work at home Mama! I then spend the next hour doing jigsaws.

3 pm

Everyone is up and desperate for fresh air so wellies and coats are put on and we go for a walk to splash in puddles! This was the best moment of the day, staying in can just be so boring!

5 pm

Dinner time and after the usual crying from the toddler as her food isn’t cooking quick enough they are quiet for 30 seconds as they eat.

Next up the looooong wait until 6pm and we can move upstairs ready for the bath, bed routine.

Nursery rhymes are played and every toy is removed from toy boxes. I’m too tired to sort it out now.

6 pm

Yes! We made it. Bath and bedtime. The girls are washed and in bed for 7pm (toddler) and 7.45pm (three year old).

8 pm

The start of my working day. Dinner is cooked and eaten. Then it’s an evening of editing, writing and sending emails!

11 pm

Bed, sleep and tomorrow repeat!

That was my day in the life of a mum of two, does yours look similar?

Sarah x

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