How To Paint A Swedish Dala Horse

April 8, 2018

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In small log cabins, deep in the forests of the Swedish Dalarna region, woodcarvers made Dala horse toys for their children. They used simple tools to carve and decorate them and these horses have now become very famous…

We are so excited to be working with Clas Ohlson to help them celebrate their 100th birthday this year. Clas Ohlson is a home and lifestyle store which began life in the Dalarna region of Sweden, so it is no surprise that the Dala horse is very special to Clas Ohlson.

The traditional Dala horse has a very distinctive design, with red, white, green, yellow and blue designs which are believed to be 150 years old.

The team at Clas Ohlson challenged us to design and decorate our own Dala horses. They sent us a huge box of crafts and three Dala horses. All of the items in the box are available from Clas Ohlson stores or online. We were given acrylic paints, glitter paints, glitter pens, a huge pack of multicoloured sharpies, alphabet beads, a glue gun, keyrings, magnets, masking tape, drawing pins and a label maker. Amelie and I love crafts so this was a dream box of equipment!

After having a think about what we were going to do, Amelie and I (with a little help from Daddy as well) set to work to create our take on the Dala horse.

Here is how we decorated our horses

We decided that we would have a Mummy, Daddy and Amelie Dala horse (as directed by Amelie). We chose the colours we’d like to paint them and then either used the acrylic paints or the glitter paints for their base.



While the first layer of paint was drying Amelie and I decided to make necklaces for our horses. We used the alphabet beads and threaded our favourite colours onto the string and then the letters for ‘Mummy’ and ‘Amelie’.


Once the first layer of paint was dry we then added some designs over the top. We marked out a pattern on the Daddy horse with the sharpies and then Amelie painted it in the lines with orange paint. She then added some red glitter paint around the orange.


On the Mummy and Amelie horses, we used the glitter pens to add dots.


We then used the drawing pins to add decorations to the front of the horses and the top of their bodies. Once in we used the paint to add dots to the white of the drawing pin.

We then added eyes on to the Dala horses with the sharpie pens.

Then we added hair with some of the glitter paint.


Once they were nearly dry we added the necklaces onto the Mummy and Amelie horses and using the keyrings made a tail for the Mummy horse.


We absolutely love our Dala horses and it was so fun to make them together as a family, it was a perfect rainy day, Easter holiday craft activity!

You can find a video of our Dala horse painting over on my YouTube channel…


If you fancy trying your hand or think your little ones would enjoy creating their own Dala horses then Clas Ohlson are offering a Dala horse painting activity at their Kingston and Ealing stores this Thursday, 12th April from 11am – 2pm. We are going to be going along to the Kingston store and we would love to see some fellow Surrey Mummys there!

How do you think we did? Which is your favourite horse?

Sarah xx

Clas Ohlson have stores around the UK and a shop online. Their stores are in Kingston, Ealing, Liverpool, Manchester, Reading and St Albans.

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