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Alternative Family Camping Holiday Ideas

April 6, 2018

Going on a camping trip offers an affordable and fun holiday option. There’s plenty of flexibility, as you can stay fairly close to home or head off abroad to enjoy the warmer weather in France, Spain or elsewhere.

There are many benefits of going camping as a family but sleeping on the ground in a tent isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, there are some alternative ways you and your family can get closer to nature with a broad range of alternative camping accommodation other than a regular tent.

Stay in a Yurt

One recent trend that offers a more luxurious option for camping is staying in a yurt. There’s no sleeping on the floor or crouching down to enter the tent here, as most include a quality double bed and ample space so you can stand up, stretch out and truly relax. A wooden stove and chimney mean you can heat the place up in winter in a safe manner, with a table for eating at and in some cases even a chest of drawers if you’re staying a while. These are an ideal choice for those who have a fussy child or partner.

Create Your Own Campervan

If you fancy a longer trip that involves staying at numerous campsites along the way, then a campervan could be a better idea. This way you’ll have all the amenities you need, from a more solid bed and bathroom, plus you don’t need to spend ages setting up a tent. Second-hand campervans can be cheap, or you could convert an old van into one with the right tools and equipment. High levels of customisation mean you can create the campervan in the style you desire and included all the things you’ll need, from the number of beds to colour scheme.

Sleep in the Trees

Get up high for a camping holiday with a real difference by staying in a proper tree house. With an excellent view and in a place that will really excite your kids (while taking you back to your childhood), what are the downsides? These aren’t simple wooden constructions though, the best treehouses in the UK are essentially small houses stuck up high. Wooden floors, bathrooms, a kitchen, king size beds and electricity mean all your home comforts are catered for. It’s just like staying in a cosy cottage, or a giant, exclusive bird’s nest.

Go Glamping Even the real tent haters will be impressed by some of the glamping options that exist. Rather than a flimsy tent, when you go glamping you can stay in anything from a small log cabin, quality yurt or eco pod. There’s no setting up to be done, nor will rain start to seep through if the weather takes a turn for the worst. From futuristic domes to compact cabins, some of the more unique designs prove practical and exciting and offer much more space than a four-person tent would.

So even if you’re not the biggest camping fan, there are some alternative options that could make for a good holiday idea with your family this year.


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