10 activities for two children under four

April 2, 2018

One of the things I have found the hardest since becoming a Mum of two is finding activities that suit and keep both children amused. I currently have a three-year-old and one-year-old and these are my top 10 activities that they both love…

10 activities for two children under four

Find a local gymnastics club

We have a few local gymnastics clubs local to us that open their doors in the week for toddler / under five sessions. This is one of my favourite activities with the girls as it gets them active, they are learning about balance and control and it’s safe fun. See if you can find your local gymnastics club online to see if they do the same.

Crafts – paints, playdoh & crayons

One of our favourite rainy day activities. We have a big box full of paints, crayons, paper and playdoh which means both girls can try their hand at some arts and crafts. I usually give our youngest paints and our eldest jewels, glue and stickers so she can do some more intricate works of art!

Musical instruments

If we’re ever having a hard afternoon just getting out our box of musical instruments (think maracas, drums and triangles) can help pass the witching hour time! We tend to sing our favourite nursery rhymes and I get the girls to play along. Great for them to learn rhythm, not so great for our neighbours!

Water play

If we can’t go outside I get a few towels and a washing up bowl and let them have some water play! I have no idea what it is about cups, Tupperware and watering cans but my girls love filling things up and tipping them out. This is hours of fun for them.


Baking is something that we have only recently started with our one-year-old and I try and make sure she has her own bowl so she can ‘play’ mixing.

Sensory play

Dried pasta, rice – lots of store cupboard ingredients can make great sensory play activities. I get our older child to make pictures with the pasta shapes and the younger one just enjoys making a mess! We often add some of the pasta shapes to bottles, seal them and make shakers. It’s an easy one and doesn’t cost anything (as long as you’re happy to eat the pasta afterwards)! 

National Trust days out

On drier days we love to use our National Trust membership to explore. Our eldest loves to explore and enjoy the adventure playgrounds and the younger one is happy to sit in the buggy and have a little run around. 

Hide and seek

The best game ever! My two love hide and seek and can often be found behind our bedroom curtains! Even if the younger child doesn’t understand they’ll love running after their elder sibling and being found. 

Get out in the garden

You don’t need much in the garden to make it fun. My two love to help me with ‘gardening’. I give them a watering can each and a spade and let them help! It means my plants get a water (some more than others) and they get some fresh air. 


Who doesn’t love bubbles?! If our youngest is having a moment I’ll grab some bubble mixture and it’s like magic! I always have some bubble mixture on hand for harder days. 

What are your favourite activities?

Sarah x

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