What to prepare for your teenagers first period

March 27, 2018

I remember my first period, we were on holiday in Florida and were in a theme park. I was absolutely distraught that I had to buy a sanitary towel from a machine and remember being in tears with my Mum as my little sisters looked on.

For teenagers, like my younger self, getting their period is a big thing, it is a change from being a child to being a woman.

As parents, we can help our children through all of their transitions and their different stages of growing up and their period is one of those.

So, how can you prepare your teen to ease the transition?

Sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners

Until your teenager gets familiar with their monthly period, you’ll want to have some of each. At first, they’ll probably want to wear sanitary towels but tampons will probably soon become a favourite as they want to continue sports etc. You’ll definitely want to make sure you have an assortment of sanitary pads and panty liners. Have some in your bag and get your teenager to have some in theirs as well.

Paracetamol or pain reliever

Period cramps can be painful, in fact, I can often be found in bed on day one. Keep some paracetamol on hand so your teenager can still participate in their normal daily activities.

Heat pads

I swear by heat pads for period pain, so make sure you have a spare one ready. You can buy specific ones for period pain and lavender ones for in the home. If you want to limit pain relievers this is a great option!

Period pants

You haven’t read this wrong, the best thing I have seen recently are period knickers. If your teenager is worried about leaking and or wearing a panty liner then they could try Knixteen. They have a built-in leak guard (think a permanent panty liner), scents to stop odour and a dry fast material in case of sweat or leaks. Your teen will definitely want this in case of any accidents!

Sarah x

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