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Top Tips for Greenhouse Upkeep During Autumn

March 26, 2018

The change in seasons can often be a grey area for many gardeners, and it’s easy to become disheartened and put off when the weather takes a turn.

The beauty of having a greenhouse, however, is the ability to keep your green fingers going throughout the winter without having to worry about the weather or temperatures. Greenhouses are the perfect feature for budding gardeners who want to be able to keep their hobbies and passions alive through winter, and they’re also a great way of being able to grow seasonal items that may not be possible in open outdoor spaces. With anything, however, greenhouses need additional care throughout autumn, as everything begins to change and your greenhouse may need some alterations to ensure you get the most out of it throughout winter.

The very first thing to consider when it comes to the upkeep of your greenhouse throughout autumn and winter is cleaning it. Cleaning your greenhouse may not seem very desirable when its cold outside and there’s a chance of rain, but giving your greenhouse a thorough clean in autumn will ensure you don’t have to worry about cleaning it when the weather becomes really, really cold. Cleaning your greenhouse on both the inside and the outside will not only look much better, but it will also have a great impact and improve the growing environment you provide for your plants. As time goes by, greenhouses are prone to unwanted items such as moss, algae and grime growing and gathering on the surfaces, and by removing these earlier on in the colder months, you’re preventing any unwanted pests or diseases from entering your greenhouse and affecting your plants. Be sure to give all parts of your greenhouse a good clean, from the glass windows, doorways and floor. Cleaning areas such as your greenhouse staging, shelving and even sink or benched areas will also help keep your greenhouse running smoothly.

Light is a huge factor in growing plants, and throughout the autumnal months, the light can begin to fade. As a result of this, the lack of sunlight can often affect your growing and prevent you from making the most out of your greenhouse. Keeping all windows completely clear will help to allow as much sunlight as possible, and this will also help with the temperature too. If you have dirty or covered windows, it’s best to make sure they’re as clean and clear as they can be so you can make the most of the sunlight over the colder months. You can also look at introducing some additional lighting into the greenhouse for autumn and winter, as this may help you with your growing when the darker days set in and you require more light than you are able to work with.

Greenhouses are made up of strong, durable materials, however, even these can become brittle and break at some point in their lifetimes. Before those really cold months set in, be sure to check your greenhouse for any broken glass or missing hinges. Keeping on top of these factors will ensure your greenhouse is secure and safe for the winter and will also prevent any unwanted insects from entering. If you find your greenhouse has a broken window and you don’t fix it before the cold days set in, you may find that your plants will simply wither and die, as the cold temperatures will set in and take over the greenhouse completely. It’s recommended to check your greenhouse weekly for any potential damage or broken parts, just in case something has happened. This way you can keep on top of your greenhouses maintenance, as well as rest, assured your plants will grow happily and properly.

The final thing to keep up with throughout autumn especially is your greenhouse guttering. It’s a well-known fact that autumn is the worst time for drainage and gutter blockages, due to the excessive amount of leaves that fall from the trees. Keep an eye on your gutters and ensure they are clear and flowing freely to prevent any blockages or clogs, as this may have a larger impact on your greenhouse in the future which you won’t want to deal with when it’s snowing or raining outside!

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