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5 ways you can save water on your morning routine with kids

March 21, 2018

The morning routine for many of us is busy, but add two children into the mix and my current morning routine feels like a bit of a whirlwind.

There’s two children to get dressed, fed, cleaned and out of the door before 8.45am. Often I leave my toddler to do some tasks like washing her hands or brushing her teeth and I don’t really think about the water she’s using. But this week, it’s Water Saving Week so we have been thinking about ways we can save water in our morning routine. But first, why?

Why should we save water?

Fresh, clean water is a limited resource and although most of the planet is covered in water, that water is salt water that can only be consumed by humans after undergoing desalination, which is an expensive process. As populations grow, the demand for water also grows and when you have limited supplies there comes a point when there won’t be enough to go around.

It’s not just the environment, by saving water you can also save money on your household bills, which for us as a family of four with big monthly bills sounds pretty attractive!

I had a good look at our current morning routine and have come up with five ways we are going to save water in our morning routine…

5 ways you can save water in your morning routine

In the shower

There are so many times I turn the shower on in the morning, only to be called by one or both of the children and I admit, I often leave it running. I dread to think how much water I waste doing this, so this week I am making a conscious effort to turn it off or bring the girls into the bathroom with me so they can ask me questions whilst I shower!! #mumlife

I am going to also try turning the shower off when I shampoo my hair, as this will save water as well.


I don’t know about you, but my morning routine isn’t complete without a cup of coffee! This week I am thinking about only filling the kettle with enough water for that cup of coffee. Not only do I usually pour the leftovers away so I don’t re-boil, wasting water, I am wasting a huge amount of energy boiling water I don’t need.

Brushing the kid’s teeth

We try very hard to make sure the girls brush their teeth for two minutes, however, if I leave Amelie to brush her teeth, the likelihood is she’ll turn the tap on or leave it on. This week I am thinking more about turning the tap off for her and staying with her when she’s brushing so I can check that the water is off!

Fill your washing machine

I am very guilty of realising I need a few items of clothing washed urgently and putting on a half load of washing. I am trying to be more mindful of having a full washing machine before I wash now as this will save me so much water (and energy).

Turn off the tap when they’re washing hands or use a flannel

Children and especially toddlers get messy when they eat (mine do anyway) so after breakfast or indeed after they’ve got the felt tip pens out whilst I tidy up they’ll need their hands washing.

I am trying to make sure that when they are getting soap or rubbing their hands the water is turned off, as we all know how long it takes toddlers to do things! I have also started using a flannel for some hand washing scenarios as they don’t always need to use lots of water to clean them.

By trying just five of these easy steps you can start to save water in your home…

You’ll not only be saving water though, you can also save money and to help show you how the aqKWa Savings Engine™  comes into play. By simply answering a few simple questions you can find out how much water and energy you use at home and get some personalised tips to help you save, whether that’s with a water meter or on the energy used to heat water for example.

You can also compare yourself to your neighbours (people in your local area), and see how much water they’re using too.

I completed the questions on the savings engine and was shocked to see how much I could save…

Have you thought about your water consumption recently? How do you try to save water in your home?

Sarah x

*This is a paid for post, the thoughts and opinions are my own* 

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  • Reply Kayleigh March 29, 2018 at 9:44 am

    I am really bad at this although I have now started getting my children to turn the tap off when they brush their teath and run a little water in the sink when washing their hands. My water bills are astronomical at the moment so this is a really helpful post! #ThursdayTeam

  • Reply Kayleigh March 29, 2018 at 9:45 am

    * teeth !!

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