Why Inflatable Pool Toys are Great for Kids

March 20, 2018

There are lots of reasons to be considering inflatable ride on toys for kids, whether you are thinking ahead to Summer 2018 already, or just want to spice up pool time with your kids. Here is a guide to the benefits these toys can bring to your little ones.

Inflatable ride on toys, as the name suggests, are plastic toys that can be ridden by toddlers and pre-schoolers after they have been inflated with air. These toys float on water, and can be propelled forward using hands, feet and miniature paddles. They promise endless hours of fun for children of all age and sizes, and give parents some much-needed rest and relaxation. Moreover, inflatable ride on toys have added benefits as well, as we will explore below.

The Benefits of Inflatable Ride on Toys for Kids

Ride on toys provide a host of muscular, spatial and psychological benefits to growing children. Some of the benefits include:

• Improvements in Motor Skills: Hopping onto ride-on toys allows children to utilise their existing fine and gross motor skills. Over time, they will progressively develop their motor skills to better propel and navigate their toys.

• Improving Muscle Strength and Cardiovascular Endurance: The physical exertion involved with propelling and navigating inflatable toys will actually increase the muscular strength of children! Since the thrust and repetitions are determined by the children themselves, you do not have to worry about them overexerting or injuring themselves. The physical activity will also increase their cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, being physically active from a young age will likely lead to a more physically active lifestyle later in life.

• Balance and Coordination: One of the primary requirements of riding ride on toys is the ability to maintain a balance. Unlike bicycles, the threat of pain from falling is non-existent in the water. As such, they will work harder to master the art of balance and coordination. This skill will translate well into other land-based activities such as cycling and skating.

• Spatial Awareness: As you well know, children are curious creatures. They are eager to learn everything about the world around them. Inflatable ride on toys gives them the ability to explore their surroundings, learn about borders, shapes and parameters, as well as rudimentary develop mapping and geolocation skills. While all these may appear elementary to adults, they are quite important for the development of children.

• Socialising and Independent Play: Group activities on inflatable pool toys provide children with the opportunity to develop a variety of social and psychological skillsets, ranging from property ownership to independent play and teamwork. This will be incredibly beneficial once they start school (or even preschool).

It is worth noting that the effects above are particularly more pronounced for children with decreased mobility owing to neuromusculoskeletal impairments.

Safety Tips

As fun as pool activities are, parents should always be vigilant when their child is in or around the water. Make sure your kids know that they must never step in a swimming pool without the presence of an adult.

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