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Rainy day activities for adults

March 2, 2018

Rainy days are part and parcel of our British weather and for the days where getting raincoats and wellies on is a bit too much effort a day at home needn’t be boring!

To make the most of those days, here are a few ways to entertain yourself at home:


There’s something really nice about switching technology off and getting stuck into a good book. Grab a cup of tea, sit on the sofa and listen to the rain outside whilst you enjoy your favourite book. It really is a great way to rest and recharge.

Online Bingo

If you fancy a game of bingo, check out the list at Boomtown Bingo for reviews of lots of the favourites, such as Easter bingo or Island Jackpots.

You don’t need to worry about searching for a game yourself as Boomtown Bingo have done it for you. Find the sofa, turn the radio on and see if you can get lucky winning at bingo.

Have a Spring clean

A Spring clean can happen at any time of the year. Empty out the toy boxes, clear out your wardrobes, find lost utensils at the back of the kitchen cupboards. You could sell some of the toys on eBay to make some extra cash and/or donate clothes/toys to charity.

Find a new series

There’s nothing quite like finding a good box set and enjoying getting to grips with a great storyline. We love to find new series (and binge watch them) on Netflix or BBC iplayer.


A day at home can be the perfect time to bake, find the recipes you’ve wanted to try for ages and try something a little more difficult if you have the time.  The perfect accompaniment to some of the activities above (when baked)!


There is something relaxing about finding a craft you love and spending time on it. Try your hand at painting, drawing, even colouring – you never know you might find a new skill!

Sarah x

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