Guest post: Toddler Essentials Every Parent Must Have

January 24, 2018

How did it feel holding your bundle of joy in your arms for the very first time? That feeling must have been indescribable, right? You might have been mind-blown by the experience that you immediately forgot about all difficulties associated with the pregnancy period that you might have experienced.

Well, we are not here to dwell on the past but how to take good care of your baby. First of all, congratulations for being your baby’s guardian angel from birth until now she is a toddler. This stage demands that you have some essential baby products that will see to it that your baby stays happy, playful and above all healthy.

So, what are these toddler essentials every parent must have? Just hold your horses a few seconds longer because we are headed straight into discussing these essentials. Investing in these essentials will no doubt pay off because all you want is for your baby to grow into a healthy and productive adult in the future.

Without any further ado, these are the toddler essentials you should have;

  1. Nail clippers

Being the bright parent that you are, you don’t need rocket science to understand why baby nail clippers are necessary. Investing in nail clippers for babies will make sure that your toddler’s nails are always kept short. Long nails are a recipe for disaster.

Germs can accumulate on your toddler’s long nails, and you never know when she will put her fingers in her mouth. This can be described as an infection ticking bomb just waiting to explode. Sooner or later, your toddler may start complaining of some pain in the stomach.

The baby can also inflict injuries on herself my scratching her soft body using her long nails. Who would want such to happen for her baby? By using the nail clippers, you will eliminate the possibility of such bad things from happening to your baby.

  1. Activity table

How do you enhance your toddler’s motor skills? Stop overthinking as you try to answer this question, one of the simplest ways is by buying your toddler several toys like activity tables. There are various types of activity tables such as the water tables, sand tables and sensory tables.

Activity tables will be effective in sparking your toddler’s creativity and enhancing her finer motor skills. When your toddler scoops and dumps sand or water, or engage in imaginary play with boats and cars, her motor skills will be strengthened in the process as she manipulates the small objects.

  1. Safety locks

The importance of your baby’s safety cannot be overemphasised. A toddler would want to disappear and escape from where you want them to be. Who knows what might happen when she escapes and goes to the kitchen to play with a knife. Don’t even try thinking about the possible consequences.

You, therefore, need safety locks to keep your toddler safely indoors. The safety lock should be able to fit all the handles in your house so that your baby cannot be where she is not required. This way, you can be sure that your toddler will always be safe when you are somehow occupied.

It is always said that ignorance is no defence; you won’t have a reason to explain why something bad happened to your baby because she slipped away and went where she shouldn’t. Get her the safety locks.

  1. Laundry basket

Who doesn’t know how fast toddlers make their clothes dirty? Toddlers are naturally playful. You need to have a laundry basket for placing your baby’s dirty clothes. While this particular toddler essential may seem very basic, it is very important. The laundry basket can entertain your toddler for hours.

The toddler can use it as a baby bed, a pirate ship or even a house for her favourite stuffed animals. Apart from your baby using it as a toy, it will help in separating your clothes from the baby’s clothes. This is because you should keep and clean your toddler’s clothes separately from yours.

  1. Baby car seats

In some countries such as the United States, it is mandatory by law to have car seats. Some hospitals won’t allow you to take your baby home after delivery if you don’t have a car seat. This is just to show how important this issue is. You should never take this issue for granted.

Well, your toddler still needs the car seat. These seats can mean the difference between life and death in the unfortunate event that you get involved in an accident. When planning to travel with your baby in the car, this is an essential product that must be available.

  1. Milk bottles and formula

Are you a mum on the go? Well, your toddler needs her fair share of the milk whether you are at home or working. How do you go about this? You need the best milk bottles or formula. There are various options of bottles on the market that you can consider. You can go for the breast-mimicking, gas-reducing valve technology, or BPA-free plastic bottles.

There is no harm in using formula as there are options to choose from as well. As a caring parent, you can either use soy, organic or reflux reducing formulas that will be ideal for your toddler. However, if you can do without formula-feeding then just avoid it completely.

Wrapping up

There you go on the toddler essentials every parent must have. Every parent’s dream is to provide the perfect care for their toddlers. There is no better feeling than that of seeing your child succeed in the future based on how you brought her up.

The process of taking care of your baby starts as early as when she is born. The items discussed above are just a tip of the iceberg concerning what your toddler needs at this stage. Always confirm that no stones are left unturned when it comes to making sure that your toddler gets everything she needs.

Author Bio: My name is Kristi and I’m a mother of 3 beautiful angels, founder of This blog was created in order to share my personal experiences in baby care and general health care for pregnant women. You will surely find many interesting insights and problems solved on this blog.

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