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Sunday Self-care: Pelvic floor, breathing & posture

January 14, 2018

Welcome back to week two of the Surrey Mama Sunday self-care series. Last week we talked about the down low on down below and this week we are still on that subject but with some practical advice on breathing and posture.

As last week I have the lovely Nicky Herringshaw, a Chartered Physiotherapist who will take you through ‘knowing more about your pelvic floor’…

Knowing more about your Pelvic Floor

A little bit of knowledge can go a long way when helping to fix your wonky pelvic floor. Below you’ll find a few short videos that introduce you to the anatomy of the pelvic floor and an explanation of why it’s so darn important that it’s happy, healthy and well-functioning. I also demonstrate how to breathe!

A simple enough task you may think but unfortunately thanks to those babies squishing our lungs for so long during pregnancy, our breathing pattern goes a bit wrong. Sometimes it sorts itself out but often we carry on doing little shallow breaths and don’t use our diaphragm. This has several knock-on effects, one of which is it can prevent your pelvic floor functioning properly! I explain more in the video so take a peek.

Once you’ve sorted your breathing, then next on the list is your posture. If there’s one thing pregnancy does brilliantly, it’s make us stand badly! I don’t know too many mums that don’t have some back pain at one time or another and that’s more often than not due to poor posture. Working on your posture can be a great way to improve this.

As I say to my mums in my pilates class, only you can fix you, so make take time to make this commitment to yourself. Time won’t make all of this stuff better – getting empowered through knowledge, eating well and exercising will however! Mama You Can!

Thanks again to Nicky from Total Health Physiotherapy.

This series will be back next week.

Sarah x

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